Shopping online has a great appeal but there’s the challenge of not knowing just how something will really look when worn. ViuBox changes that by allowing users to create their avatar and see if the clothes look right, on a computer or mobile device.

DUBAI, UAE, July 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — With more clothes shopping moving online every day, one of the drawbacks is shoppers not being able to look in a mirror and see if a dress, shirt, pants or other apparel looks as good on them as it does in the ad. A new solution for E-commerce websites who want to increase sales by killing this doubt, while delivering value to users, is ViuBox, the new, patented technology from SenseMi. ViuBox allows shoppers to create an avatar, similar to their own appearance, and then see just how the clothing looks when worn by them. To make things even more fun and exciting the ViuBox app also allows users to scan barcodes while in brick-and-mortar stores to try on clothes on their phones, making shopping potentially much quicker and fuss-free, removing the need to physically hit the dressing room with anything that seems interesting.

“We saw a need that technology could fill, for both clothing stores and shoppers, and we think Viubox is a game changer for the space,” commented Arash Ahmadi, the Founder and Developer of the solution. “Viubox is a unique technology for which we have the patent, once it gets widely used, we believe it will change the way people shop for clothing online. A complete revolution in experience is in the offing.”

According to the company, using Viubox is quick and simple, fulfilling its purpose of streamlining the clothes shopping experience. E-commerce sites who add it to their features are almost certainly going to see sales jump and returns drop.

The Viubox app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Expect the way people shop for clothing to change in a big way, fast.

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