NEW YORK, NY, October 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Staying fit is not an easy challenge. It requires not just physical preparation but also mental preparation. Personal trainers like Brandon Schram can help with both.

Brandon Schram is a sponsored Adidas athlete, whom you have probably already seen in the opening video of this Facebook compilation. But it did not all start there. Brandon is from the East Side of Palmdale, California, and when he was younger, he played soccer at a very high level, but he quit when he got to college. There, he started doing new things, such as drugs and alcohol. When he was engaged in this new life, two of his friends died; one stabbed at a party, and the other from opioid overdose.

“After this happened, I separated myself from everyone and everything I knew and spent time with myself. Learning who I was and trying to figure out who I wanted to be. I got back to the gym and got my athleticism back and I found focus. This is when I started to find and better myself.” Brandon shares.

Brandon then moved to Cal State and majored in business management. After graduation, he was able to get a good job, and would always fit into his schedule his trip to the gym. Eventually, he started training people in the gym as a way to get side cash. He saved up to quit his job and pursued training full time, by developing an Instagram following. But this time he failed.

“I thought it would be a lot easier than it was. I failed miserably, and I went all the way broke. I was four months behind on rent and car payments, and I had to get another job.” Brandon recalls.

While at this job, Brandon continued to work on his Instagram following, which at the time added up to about 7K. In 2014, Brandon decided to take another leap of faith, quit his job and pursue fitness full time.

“In October 2014, I just put all my focus and creativity into my fitness and my IG. In April of 2015, I get a direct message from Casper Smart who was dating JLo at the time and asked me to train him. The next thing I know, I was training JLo 5 days a week at her house.” Brandon says.

This is where it skyrocketed for Brandon. He started training other celebs such as Prince Royce, toured with Ariana Grande, trained The Game, Fifth Harmony, Ashanti, Quincy Brown, and the list goes on. He was doing all of this while still focusing on producing quality content for social media. He filmed and edited all of his videos, took all of his photos.

“In 2018, I partnered with Beau Daniels and Paul Rodriguez on my fitness plan Motivated Fit. It is a program to better yourself mentally, physically and help individuals realize and work toward their optimal potential.” Brandon explains.

Motivated Fit’s content includes mindset training, workouts, diet plans, a Facebook community, motivated coaches, and more. At the moment, they have over 80,000 active users.

For Brandon, the motivation to get into this industry came from feeling he was stuck in life and depression after the loss of his two close friends. He says, “I just wanted to be a better me.” But when starting a business, many challenges are confronted, such as self-doubt, overthinking, lack of support, and lack of planning.

“Mindset is everything when starting your own business. If you don’t believe, you’ve already lost. You need to learn to handle setbacks, losses and people with bad intentions.” Brandon advises.

Another advice from Brandon is to do something you love. He thinks it is important to work on something that makes you “genuinely happy”, and that it is something “you can’t live without”. In addition, it is important not to compare yourself with people already in the business because they are not you.

It is thanks to doing something he loves, that Brandon can now enjoy financial freedom, which means not having to worry about his bank account or being able to take care of his family. Furthermore, success for him is achieving that genuine happiness. For him, fitness is part of how he achieves it.

“I got into this industry because I wanted to share the same impact and positive change I’ve experienced by improving my health and mindset. I want to bring people out of their lowest of lows and prove to them how worthy and important they are. I want people to love themselves.” Brandon says.

Brandon’s next projects include the creation of a Motivated App where all his content will be accessible, continuing weight training, and creating a Supplement Company, as well as going further his motivational speaking and his celebrity fitness training. In the meantime, you can follow Brandon’s journey and get motivated by him to improve yourself.

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