Looking for a Non-Alcoholic Beer? Beverage Universe Has the Solution

NEW YORK, NY, April 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Partying should always be a fun experience whether you drink alcohol or not. At the next party you’re invited to, you might want to relax and enjoy the taste of beer without the adverse effects. If that’s the case, Beverage Universe has plenty of non-alcoholic beer for you to choose from. The brands we supply include the following:

Beck’s is known for its robust flavor that many people love. Fortunately, you can still have the taste without the 0.5% alcohol. Order a full case of 12-oz. glass bottles of Beck’s in bulk from us and get free delivery to your Manhattan home or office. Don’t forget to register with us to earn an immediate $25 store credit. Sign up for automatic delivery and you’ll save $25 on your second repeat order, too!

BitBurger Zero
BitBurger Zero is a non-alcoholic malt beverage and an excellent, straightforward pilsner from Bitburg, Germany, but with all of the alcohol removed!

Buckler is a low alcohol beer style beer brewed by Heineken Nederland B.V. in Zoeterwoude, Netherlands. This beer is medium-bodied with a nice hop bite and a dry finish!

A real Einbecker Brauherren, brewed in the Pilsner style, where the alcohol is carefully extracted after maturing.

Kaliber is a low alcohol Pale Lager. Guinness goes to the trouble of brewing the beer first through the complete brewing process and then removing the alcohol. Plus, it’s only 43 calories!

O’Doul’s is a premium non-alcoholic beer that offers the same non-alcoholic benefits with a richer look and taste.

Party, tailgate, and or relax without having to worry about the current effects as well as the hangover, due to alcohol. Visit beverageuniverse.com where you can order your favorite non-alcoholic beer in bulk! Cheers!

About Beverage Universe
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