Tips for the home and landscaping to prevent damage from wildfires

PHILADELPHIA, PA, April 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — In Pennsylvania wildfires do not occur very often but they can still occur. Here are some precautions that homeowners can take to help protect their homes.

Maintain landscaping

It is always important to keep space between your home and anything that could catch fire and burn. Materials at risk of catching fire are firewood, dried leaves, newspapers, and vegetation. These items should be kept at least 30 feet from the home. Gas grills, propane tanks, and other flammable items should be kept at least 15 feet from any structure.

Shrubs and trees should be trimmed or removed if they can catch on fire. Homeowners should also consider implementing areas around the home where there is nothing that can catch on fire. These locations can be driveways and gravel paths. Homeowners should also work with neighbors to create safety zones between their houses.

When adding plants to the property homeowners should keep in mind that some plants and trees are less flammable than others. Plants with high water contents and low sap are less flammable. Less flammable plants and trees include aloe, honeysuckle, shrub apple, maple trees, cherry trees, and poplar trees.

Additional Wildfire Defense

If a homeowner is remodeling their home, they might want to look into fire resistant materials. Homeowners should consider fire resistant shingles, fire proof window shutters, windows with multiple panes or tempered safety glass, and metal gutters.

Vinyl Siding is problematic in areas that experience wildfires often. Vinyl can melt when faced with he high heat of a wildfire. If the vinyl melts away the home’s interior wood framing would be exposed to the fire. Homeowners should consider materials like stucco, brick, or concrete for the outside of their home.

Homeowners should make sure that there are absolutely no spaces fore embers to enter the home through. Embers from fires can enter the home through vents and other openings on the home. Some experts suggest putting a mesh screen over these openings to help prevent embers from getting into them.

Other safeguards include making sure that window and/or door screens aren’t loose or broken, installing mesh under patios to prevent debris from collecting, and making sure that roofs and gutters are clean and free from debris. Installing gutter guards is a good way to prevent debris from collecting in gutters.

Easy Access for Firefighters

While homeowners can do a lot to mitigate their property from wildfires, they still may need to rely on firefighters to help put out a fire if one occurs. Homeowners can do several things to make their home easier to access for firefighters.

1. Make sure the address of the property is visible from the street.

2. Gates on the property should swing inward and should be wide enough for emergency crews with equipment to easily enter through.

3. Keep a ladder that is long enough to reach the reach handy.

Any source of water on the property, besides hydrants, such as ponds, wells, or pools may help firefighters contain/put out the fire. Homeowners should consider keeping a long hose that can reach all parts of the home and other structures on the property. In the event of w wildfire homeowners should keep hoses connected and could fill garbage cans with water.

Taking these precautions greatly impacts the damage that might occur to a home in the event of a wildfire. By following the steps listed above, homeowners decrease the risk of damage to their homes and potentially the homes around them as well.

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