As accounting standard setters weigh changes, two experts unpack key issues

NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), a leading global provider of independent valuation support and advisory services, and Calcbench, a leading interactive financial research platform for data analysts, recently collaborated on a new video focused on goodwill impairment.

The new video, available here, is a deep dive into an important industry topic that is recently in the news. The video features PJ Patel, co-CEO and Senior Managing Director of VRC, and Pranav Ghai, co-founder and CEO of Calcbench. Both Patel and Ghai are recognized as industry thought leaders on many valuation-related topics.

“This is part of our ongoing commitment to educating the industry on complex but important financial measurement and reporting topics,” said PJ Patel. “We hope this video provides an overview of goodwill impairment and why it is important.”

“Big companies are going to be buying smaller companies well into the future, with goodwill as a significant part of the purchase price,” said Pranav Ghai. “That’s why we’re pleased to provide financial analysis tools that you can use to assess the value of goodwill assets on the corporate balance sheet.”

Goodwill is major component of U.S. corporate value—companies in the S&P 500 alone are carrying some $3 trillion in goodwill on their balance sheets—and the topic is particularly timely now. The Financial Accounting Standards Board is considering changes in the way public companies account for goodwill and soliciting feedback on whether and how to further simplify the accounting for goodwill and intangible assets for public companies.

About VRC
Valuation Research Corporation is a full-service, independent, global valuation firm. Since 1975, our network of over 1,300 valuation professionals has provided objective, supportable conclusions of value to domestic and international clients. The company’s core services include financial opinions with respect to valuation, solvency, capital adequacy and fairness in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, financings and financial and tax reporting matters. VRC has locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Milwaukee, New York, Princeton, San Francisco, and Tampa; as well as international affiliates in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

About Calcbench
Founded in 2011 and based in Boston and New York, Calcbench has helped Fortune 500 Companies, major money management firms and research firms become more productive and accurate in their financial analysis. Calcbench is the leading interactive financial research platform for data analysts looking to go a level deeper. Calcbench brings usability to the hard-to-find information embedded in the footnotes. Powered by XBRL, the global standard for exchanging business information, Calcbench can immediately pull data from the SEC’s corporate financial repository to provide analysts with as-filed, in line-item detailed financial statement data. Calcbench has over 500 million data points traceable back to the source. With Calcbench you can access 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, Proxy Statements and Press Releases for 12,000+ corporate entities dating back to 2009.

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