Memorial Day Campaign Highlights, Helps, and Hires Veterans

COSTA MESA, CA, May 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Costa Mesa-based mortgage lender, Secure One Capital has taken a heartwarming interest in U.S. Veterans, and unequivocally made it not only a goal, but a mission to provide them with both careers, and homes. Currently, veterans make up 5% of the company’s workforce, but it is corporate’s goal to hire approximately 10% more through their current efforts.

This admirable move from Secure One begins with the five veterans currently employed at the 21-year-old company. According to Residential Credit Analyst Blake Wilson, “Working at Secure One has been a great experience. It’s my first sales job, and I have learned so much due to this highly motivating environment. Working with everyone here, especially my fellow veterans, has been an excellent environment to help me grow. I cannot wait to see what my future here holds.”

Secure One Capital has individualized itself through excelling in outstanding customer service, which has not only resulted in endless positive client interviews outlining their stress-free experience but the Orange County Better Business Bureau award for Ethics in Business as well.

Seeing as ethics and values are one of the main principles of the wholesale mortgage lender company, Business Development Manager, Bill Robertson, and Chief Marketing Officer, Barry Gabster, are unwavering in their devotion to fundraise and provide job opportunities solely for U.S. veterans.

Jared Dayoub, Residential Banking Advisor, expressed his fondness of working for a company with such a compassionate foundation- “Leaving the Navy was difficult, but Secure One Capital has made the transition exciting! I feel like I’m part of the family, and everyone helps each other grow and become more successful members of the team!”

An exciting upcoming partnership for Secure One Capital with The Academy of U.S. Veterans is to be launched in late May. Executives at Secure One are working closely with the founder and CEO of the organization, Assal Ravandi, a former intelligence analyst and language instructor for the U.S. Army. Ravandi coordinates help in veteran service organizations and programs, striving for visibility and recognition on a national spectrum, and empowers them American community to give back to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Bill Robertson gave details on the upcoming partnership and is looking forward to contributing to Ravandi’s efforts.

Robertson states, “We are excited about the mission and objectives of the Academy of US Veterans, especially after speaking with the founder, Assal Ravandi. She is an incredible lady, and we are excited to be a small part of bringing her vision to life.”

Secure One Capital Corporation is a privately owned company at the forefront of the mortgage lending industry. The company prides itself on personal, one-on-one, customer service that provides the client with the most pleasant and stress-free experience possible. Secure One’s exceptional, award-winning customer service has earned the company an A+ BBB rating. Secure One Capital has offered unparalleled, efficient, and cost-effective mortgage services since 1995.

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