Medical facility will provide value and affordable rehabilitation and long-term care services on a global standard, to both local and international clients.

MILTON, ON, August 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bruce Ramsey and Al Warrington of Northern Range Capital Corp are pleased to announce that they have successfully originated and completed the financing of a $2,900,000 mortgage, for a property that will be converted to a medical center in Nassau Bahamas.

The two-storey 11,568 sq. ft. institutional office building and residence that currently occupies the property will be renovated in order to provide high quality rehabilitative and long-term care services. With the mission of catering to the demand for rehabilitative services, the facility seeks to provide an alternative “at home care and service” equivalent to, and at the highest standard of care and service that a client would experience in the U.S.

Local patients having suffered head injury, strokes and other debilitating ailments are often referred to the U.S. for treatment, consequently, clients and their respective family support will benefit from the cost savings by not having to travel abroad for any length of time, and by extension reducing the costs to the Bahamas Government via National Insurance Board (N.I.B) benefit claims.

About Northern Range Capital Corp.:

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