NEW YORK, NY, October 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The exchange market is a trillion dollar business that includes online trade of foreign currency, which is often initiated through third parties. In this market, many have found the opportunity to grow, but not all have succeeded. Mr. Frost has.

Christian J Smith, professionally known as Mr. Frost, is a 19-year old entrepreneur who successfully runs an educational Foreign Exchange (Forex) business, FrostFXTheMarketMasters. Having received multiple honors while studying in elementary school, middle school and high school, Mr. Frost always knew he was going to go far.

However, once he went to college, he only stayed for three months. Truth is: since his junior year of high school, he was already making a lot of money through Forex. Instead of continuing to study at university, Mr. Frost decided to dedicate fully to FrostFX.

“FrostFX is an educational platform and community where people learn how to trade in the Forex market and connect with other like minded individuals in the industry, spreading value.” Mr. Frost explains.

Through FrostFX, Mr. Frost hosts webinars, mentors others, and helps people understand how the market works and shifts. Nowadays, FrostFX is a powerful platform and community that keeps growing every day with hundreds of students in over 15 countries.

“What motivated me to start my business was the desire to create an impact. Before starting my business, I was only trading. But I was also documenting my journey on Instagram and joined several trading communities. After a while, many people started following me and contacting me to share my skill set.” Mr Frost recalls.

That is when Mr. Frost decided to found FrostFXTheMarketMasters. As a young entrepreneur in the digital age, Mr. Frost struggled at first in focusing on what matters. This is why he advises others to be themselves “unapologetically” and have a growth mindset.

“Always be open to adapting and learning new things. We often get to a place where we think we’ve got it all figured out. It is very dangerous to be stubborn about the way we do things.” Mr. Frost advises.

Furthermore, there is always something to learn or improve. Mr. Frost says, “If you aren’t growing then you are dying.” This applies to the business owner as a person and their business itself.

Moreover, Mr. Frost thinks it is important to dedicate time to thinking about ourselves, who we are, what we want and what we stand for. In the case of Mr. Frost, he realized how important running was for him–as a good way to spend time and an activity his body enjoyed.

Having the courage and time to think about yourself will allow your actions relating to your business to more easily lead to some impact. It will also help us deal with fear, which for Mr. Frost is an illusion.

“The universe rewards those worthy of its treasure.” Mr. Frost states. “Fear is nothing more than a test to see if a person has what it takes to stand against the world and go after their goals at all costs.”

In addition, Mr. Frost highlights the importance of being ready to disappoint people in order to live your best life. He believes that people will try to swindle you and influence you, but you do not have to provide explanations for the way you live your life.

“You have to stop asking people for permission to live your life, and just live it. Some will accept your decisions, but some never will. The trick is in knowing to just keep moving forward regardless.” Mr. Frost adds.

Mr. Frost’s next projects include getting more involved in charity and philanthropy, as well as continuing to create styled content through platforms such as Instagram and podcasts. He believes in the power behind his unique story and being able to share it with people, who may be inspired by it.

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