First steps for financial security and portfolio reviews; insurance protects retirement

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 24, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Years of frustration with consumer financial illiteracy had led three firms to join together to build an online resource for young and old to learn effective money skills. The launch of The Financial Playbook Academy by Brian Gilder and Gilder Financial of Beverly Hills has gained a big following among professionals and sports fans who want to take control of their finances.

Stephen Locko, President of the webtech company RMANet, spoke with Brian Gilder, CFP ChFC CLU, a well-respected financial planner and tax expert, to discuss how his online course offers e-learning tools to anyone who struggles with the basics of personal finance. ISN reported late last year that financial illiteracy has caused many to ignore important aspects of their finances, with studies showing that 4 out of 10 Americans report they have not yet made plans to save for retirement, and 40% of Americans saying they are under-insured, or have no life insurance at all.

The online course offers a unique approach to learn basic money skills and uses sports analogies to make learning as enjoyable as sitting down for a pregame huddle, or an after game film review. The Academy’s website can be found at

Gilder reports an important first step is considering how to use life insurance now, even before families have sorted out their finances. He stresses that life insurance not only protects income in the short term, but it also provides essential strategies to provide family retirement without the need to set aside big sums for savings. Life insurance now also offers access to the life insurance benefit for other needs in retirement, such as preparing for home long term care costs, or supplementing retirement savings with tax free cash.

Combining the excitement of sports with the basics of personal finance sets the Financial Playbook Academy apart from other firms because it is independent and unbiased, with objective and simple advice and learning that’s geared to the typical American household.

About RMA and ISN: RMANet is an industry leader in web-enabled consumer and professional learning. ISN has a 30+year record of success in financial services, and serves clients and partner financial advisors nationwide with insurance planning and solutions.

About Brian Gilder CFP ChFC CLU is a highly credentialed advisor, educator and motivational speaker for both sports and finance. Gilder has appeared in online and print media, and speaks frequently on the need for financial literacy in young adults and those looking for a secure retirement.

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