Start a Personal Care Home or Private Home Care Agency in Georgia? For the past several decades, the public, policy-makers and the disability community have advocated for increasing recognition that people with disabilities are entitled to normal lives in the community and not inside State hospitals or emergency departments. Through the hard work of self-advocates, families, and legal advocates including the Department of Justice (DOJ) nearly 1, 000,000 people with disabilities are now living in community settings with home- and community-based services and supports. This is mostly comprised of group homes with wrap around supports.

Movement is Happening

Care for mental health is dramatically shifting away from institutionalized mental health care to community, person-focused care. New startups around the nation are forming every hour, and entrepreneurs can now receive startup and licensing assistance from Nursing & Behavioral Health Services for personal care businesses right in Georgia. The company can provide a blueprint for starting and operating virtually any personal care home, including adult day programs, personal care homes, group homes, home care agencies, and companion care companies. In fact, the company is able to help start, manage and market these type of companies and in all states. “I struggled with getting my business licensed…the paperwork was a monster. NBHS took over and guided my right through; now my Dementia home is open and with clients,” reports Lijo Antony, Walnut Creek Living, Macomb, Michigan.

Our Business Models Include

For more than two decades, Nursing & Behavioral Health Services has delivered business development and nursing and community mental health expertise to help entrepreneurs launch personal care homes, home care agencies, group homes, health product stores, and companion care businesses in all states.

“It is no secret that nurses and healthcare workers is our number one clientele. After all, nurses and healthcare workers operate at ground zero of patient care and understand these populations almost naturally. The writing is on the wall, no longer can we just sit and wait on opportunity to come our way, we must go out and create opportunity” says, Ernest G. Flagg, RN, MPA, CEO.

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In order to further the promise of community living for people with disabilities, it is crucial that community living options for people with disabilities remain truly integrated in the community instead of merely replicating institutional environments in smaller buildings.

Nursing & Behavioral Health Services’ new location will further assist the companies to target Georgia’s market by reaching out to prospective and existing providers offering them unwavering professional assistance with licensure and certification needs. With a new location, the company can still work to connect mental health care providers around the nation with the resources they need to succeed in the state they desire to operate. More information about the company can be found at

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