The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Falken Equity Group to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to participate in this opportunity.

VANCOUVER, BC, June 17, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Falken Equity Group is a holdings company, based in beautiful British Columbia, specializing in the acquisition, operation and optimization of longstanding companies across North America.

Falken Equity assets under contract currently employ over four hundred people in diverse industry sectors across Canada. Through our unique succession focused growth program, we seek to acquire longstanding, profitable companies across Canada and the United States, with the goal of owning, operating and growing them over very long timelines. Our success fuels fixed returns for our investors.

Falken Equity Group offers its investors the ability to earn a quarterly fixed income or compounded growth. Our investors are Accredited Individuals, Companies, Institutions, Funds and Family Offices.

All of whom can benefit from owning our preferred shares. Falken Equity Group delivers an excellent dividend and offers flexibility long term. Investors are given direct access to their earnings every quarter and can do with them what they like.

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Falken Equity Group to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to participate in this opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on Falken Equity Group and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous opportunity for Investors and Advisors.

The OCMX™ noted that Falken Equity Group exhibits the main components of any solid investment opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and a number of key competitive advantages.


Phillipe Falkenberg, CEO

Phillipe Falkenberg is British Columbia based businessman, who loves businesses and how they work. It is a passion that is all consuming. His strengths are finding unique companies and brands, putting succession motivated deals together, and keeping good ships sailing smoothly. Then working with management to further optimizing them, but not in a forced or chaotic fashion, he prefers a natural organic progression to new heights. He sees not just what a business is, but what it can be.

Phillipe started investing in real estate in 2006, and began buying and selling small companies in 2010. He holds a BA in Business Admin, and has experience in business operations, acquisitions, divestment, financial services, real estate investment & management, consulting, building sales teams and goal setting.

Senior Management & Department heads
Senior Management and Department Heads within Falken Equity Group assets under contract have a combined 200 years industry experience, and combine for over 120 years with their specific companies.

It is Falken Equity Group’s policy to keep all Management personnel through the succession transition. In our opinion…when you buy a great ship…don’t fire the crew.


Fixed Income
12% annual dividend (quarterly payments).
Begins immediately and continues perpetually.

Longevity and reliability are the backbone of this offering.

The value of preferred shares does not fluctuate and preferred shares rank above common shares.

Future Opportunity
Shareholders will always be approached first in new financing rounds.


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