NEW YORK, NY, October 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — From the very start, Del McCain always dreamed big. His goal was always to make his name mean something. His driving force in everything he did was always to help others reach their full potential.

Del could never find full satisfaction in anything he did. For as long as he could remember, he always had this one thought in the back of his mind.

“I craved to work, loved it, but I could never find full satisfaction in anything I did. For as long as I can remember I have always had this one question when I felt I had reached my peak in a position. “Is this it?” I’ve always looked for the meaning of life and that question,” he said boldly.

He couldn’t believe that this was all there was to life. He passed from job to job, never feeling like he was in the right place. He knew he had a talent for helping people, and he knew what he was doing wasn’t showing his worth, this is when he decided to switch his life around.

After feeling like he was losing his life to his 9-5, Del decided to take back his life. Del runs a credit restoration and financial literacy business, Peaceful Balance Restored. He helps people restore their credit, but also shows them how to leverage credit, and make it work for them. Del also focuses on financial literacy, information that wasn’t taught in schools for his generation and those after.

Growing up, credit was never something Del worried about. He even joked about it growing up. His mindset was based around the thought that if he had money, he wouldn’t need to worry about credit. Once he began to try to fix his credit, this is where his interest in the credit restoration business was sparked. He realized that there was a lack of information out there, and that credit was one of the most valuable things we have.

For years, generations have been deprived of real knowledge and the skills needed when going into adulthood. It is more than just getting good grades and getting into college. Del refuses to use the word unfair, he believes it is about changing the mindset in order to create endless possibilities. Through financial literacy, Del is set on making sure his generation, and those before and after him, are equipped with everything they need in order to create their own opportunities and find their own success.

There’s no competition for Del because for him, no one can outdo what he does and is willing to do. He feels like he is his biggest competition. As long as he is doing right by the people, he feels as though he doesn’t have to worry about competition because everyone should be working together for the common goal of helping others.

What he strives for everyday is to find peace. It is his definition of success. He feels like his success will begin when he finally finds PEACE. Balance is another important factor in his definition meaning of success. To always have balance to strive for it and make it his way of life. These two words, along with restoration, is how Del came up with his business name.

Del’s passion is to help people find their inner worth. He wants to help everyone remember their inner self, that kid deep inside, the things they dreamed about. He wants to show people that it is possible. Del is living proof that you can reconnect to what matters most. You can find your passion deep down.

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