A singer, a song writer, a producer, a visual artist. Combine them all and you will have the new best artist in the music industry: Ladi Anne. Thats exactly what she has working towards and achieving immense success.

Using her multi-talented self she has been working on her new project, an album with the goal of which isnt just to please the sense of hearing of its listeners but it would also help in 10 different philanthropic causes as the purpose of the videos being developed is to portray them.

Her new single that recently came out in October 2017, Villas, is the first of many singles she’s about to put out. Marion Crampe is starred in that video who herself is a pole-dancing spectacle and her gracious ballet makes anyone straightaway a keen observer of her dancing. The three minute video is mixture of many sentiments as she describes starting with her elementary school memories regarding her father’s death, followed by her beautiful piano composition accompanied by the pulsating performance from Marion Crampe. The video clearly depicts the sorrows of her life presented through the desaturated colors that form the visuals. This project is a tribute to her late father.

The revenue generated by each video in her album is being donated to non-profit organizations for different charitable causes.

For more information check her website www.ladianne.art

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