Latia Mone will be touring nationwide all fall of 2019 showcasing her talent to colleges and Highschool students. Crank District Entertainment is filled with many great entertainers ready to showcase and perform as well. Most talked about and known.

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — With over 10 years of experience, 2 albums, many recommendations and awards Latia Mone has created a power packed movement. Changing the way self love embraced. Latia Mone signed to Crank District Entertainment is the girl everyone should know.

Crank District is the next major label in the new industry. With social media being so accessible for musicians it is very hard for fans to follow and stay up to date with their favorite artist. Latia Mone is one to keep her fans not only entertained yet happy and up to date with all that she does. She is known as a influencer, public figure, and entertainer. Defiantly the next BIGGEST thing. Her fans have waited long enough as she stood in the background and worked form her home studio alongside her husband, 15 following artist and label executives.

Yes she currently manages 15 artist, writes, and produces music daily. She is a highly skilled choreographer, hair stylist, make up artist, and mother of two. She has the ideal life and talents that we all desire. I do believe the wait is over. Many are excited to see, learn from and get to know such a happy and fresh new talent. Latia is one of the most humble and happy individuals many will meet. She has proven her self time and time again without any major distribution deals budgets and or contracts.

In 2019 she plans on finally working closely with some of the music industries biggest names taking her career to the next level. Latia will tour performing her debut song “Old School” at colleges and high schools nation wide. Supporting communities all over and raising awareness in today’s society. Latia plans on speaking to young girls all over and encouraging them to embrace self love. I don’t think one artical could tell you all about Mone but if you want MORE MONE check out or your instagram @latiamone and follow this story your self I guarantee you will not want to miss a beat. She’s one that has us all excited to tell a fried to tell a friend there you have it the wait is finally over.

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