The pocket alternative to screens is here to keep children entertained anywhere

NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — María Fernández, Kietoparao’s founder, lived first-hand what many parents face every day. One day she took the tablet from her daughter Martina and was very worried about her reaction. She researched how the use of technology affects children and decided to create her own take anywhere entertainment kit.

Do you know that many experts consider technology the heroine of this century? Science does not yet know all the consequences in the brain of children, but after reviewing several studies from different parts of the world WHO recommends that children under 2 years-old do not use mobile devices and to keep usage to a minimum up to age 5.

Why do parents often choose the smartphone to keep their kids quiet? It’s comfortable, it’s light, it’s always with you and it has unlimited entertainment possibilities, but these reasons don’t make it the best choice.

Pocket solution

María’s idea was to replicate those features of the phone in an entertainment kit. Primarily to avoid isolating children in places such as restaurants, where adults usually socialize.

Kietoparao kits weigh less than half a pound and have more than 20 educational games to help children develop different STEAM skills: artistic, strategy, memory, mathematics… The main games are diverse and educational such as memory, dominoes, origami, parchesi… Also, the kits not only serve to play alone but to share the experience. Kietoparao wants to be an educational aid for their future that helps them to learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Kietoparao’s kits first market testing was more successful than what María could have ever imagined: in just 10 days she sold all the initial stock in Spain without any marketing campaign behind.

Kietoparao is proof there are alternatives equally fun for children and more beneficial for their development than the smartphone. Now, along with three partner entrepreneurs who are also mothers, María wants to expand the impact, helping parents around the world to educate in a more responsible use of technology. That’s why they just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the month of June. Collaborate with them and get one of these fun pocket alternatives to phones.

If you have children around and you would like them to be “quiet” while you eat in a restaurant or during your daily commute, “kietoparao” has already created the solution. If their campaign is successful, it will be available to solve the problem of mobile addiction for little ones around the world.

Committing to the education of the responsible use of technology is up to everyone! Join the Kietoparao movement.

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