In a short time period of just 6 months, Jefo has acquired a fanbase of nearly 3 million followers on instagram, and almost 1.5 millions of subscribers on Youtube.

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 09, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the modern era, there are a handful of individual content creators who have been able to leverage the power of the internet in order to gain massive followings. Of the unlikely few to succeed in this endeavor, few have as compelling a story as Jun Yang, better known by his fans as Jefo. In a short time period of just 6 months, Jefo has acquired a fanbase of nearly 3 million followers on instagram, and almost 1.5 millions of subscribers on Youtube. He’s also been able to serve as the chief influencer in projects with companies like Bang Energy and Dollar Shave Club.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Jefo’s dream has always been to entertain people using his comedic ability. However, as you’ll learn in this profile, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for this uber-successful influencer.

Back in his childhood, Jefo was never the popular kid at school. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to make people laugh for a living. As a result, he often went out of his way to put his eccentric, quirky side on full display in front of his peers. In high school, this made it difficult for Jefo to make friends and often left him alienated from various friend groups. That said, he never gave up on his dream of becoming an entertainer. Instead of limiting himself to classrooms and cafeterias, Jefo decided to let himself loose on the internet. As it turns out, despite his natural ability to make others laugh, Jefo would face a series of other road bumps on his way to stardom.

Jefo ultimately knew that higher education was not a path he was interested in pursuing. Instead, he immediately turned to producing content full-time. Initially, without the resources of some of the internet’s most successful comedians, Jefo struggled to breakthrough. That said, he never lost the passion for making people laugh through his ingenuity and comedic ability.

Never giving up, Jefo began to produce content with just a camera and the help of a few friends. Taking the streets, Jefo’s first videos consisted of him approaching random strangers and asking them to complete strange, sometimes uncomfortable tasks. These videos eventually became known as his “public challenges”; his first steps on the path to greatness.

With content like his “Kiss or Slap” challenge and the “Would you touch my potato?” video, Jefo became instantly famous in a short period of just a few months. Since his beginning, Jefo has grown his YouTube and other social media presences to astronomical levels. His recent success has allowed him to collaborate with LA-based management agency Syft.

Together with Syft, Jefo has worked with YouTube stars Josh Paler Lin, Emily Ghoul, and others. Further, he has collaborated with, on different occasions, Monster Products, as well as the dating app EastMeetsWest. As a clear pioneer in the influencer world, Jefo has served as a valuable asset to Syft. His ability to provide insight on how to deal with influencers and market content to consumers has made him a coveted marketing consultant.

As support and public profile continue to quickly expand, Jefo hopes to act as an agent for change in the social media polarization between the US and China. As a speaker of both English and Chinese, Jefo wants to “take over the world,” and help end the disconnect that exists between each country’s respective platforms.

All in all, it goes without saying that Jefo’s rapid rise to stardom serves as an exalting inspiration to all aspiring entertainers and influencers. As he continues to be spark up the space, it’s safe to say that Jefo’s career is just getting started.

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