Blasting ahead of the competition, Jefo has mastered the art of “interactive comedy”.

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 09, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — When we think of ways to develop further relations between our world’s Eastern and Western countries, rarely would we even think about using comedy to bridge the cultural gap between us.

A young Asian-American named Jun Yang, known across the globe as his Instagram username Jefo, wants to do just that. He wants to take over the world with his comedy.

Blasting ahead of the competition, Jefo has mastered the art of “interactive comedy”. His Youtube channel and Instagram page, boasting 1.5 million and 3 million followers respectively, are the root of his success. His successes have allowed to serve as the primary influencer on many projects with companies like Bang Energy and Dollar Shave Club. His videos consist of quirky dance moves, sexual innuendos, and attention-grabbing challenges, all of which have a common theme of being extremely interactive with both his participants and his audience.

How did a “ordinary 20 year old Asian kid” (as Jefo sees himself) make it to these levels of internet stardom? Contrary to his lighthearted and positive content, Jefo’s rise to fame was actually filled with struggle and adversity.

In grade school, Jefo was never fully accepted by his peers. He was seen as quirky, weird, but most importantly, funny. However much he was judged by his peers for his entertaining personality and strange actions, Jefo stuck with it. He never once gave up on his dream of entertaining the masses, using his unique skills to bring joy and happiness into the lives of those around him.

After graduating high school, Jefo went onto college just like any other kid. Again, not feeling in place, he dropped out. That said, Jefo immediately began his professional career, looking for opportunities at every corner to put his comedic ideas to the test. Without much experience on Youtube, Jefo was forced to spend several months surfing the couches of different friends and family members.

Despite his initial struggles, Jefo began producing content, albeit with few resources, that genuinely reflected his entertaining, quirky personality. Jefo would film interactive, attention-grabbing videos like “Eat my sausage” and “Telling girls cringy pickup lines.”

He made video after video, some successful, some not. Eventually, Jefo started gaining traction, and his community of supporters and viewers grew. Now dubbed the SexyJefo Army, his viewers and supporters have grown to become one of the most passionate fan presences in social media.

With the emergence of more and more Asian-American representation in media and entertainment, Jefo has definitely cemented his place in this movement. Furthermore, he is a source of inspiration for future social media influencers and comedians from a similar background as his. Jefo continues to grow in presence in the online world, and while his big dreams of entertaining millions has now been reached, he sets his eyes on his new goal: to connect and take over the world with his comedy.

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