One of FreeCast’s first Microchannels proves the concept has a wide reach.

ORLANDO, FL, May 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — After touting the potential of Microchannels, FreeCast is already demonstrating the wide reach of these targeted niche channels. One of the company’s first Microchannels, the Investor News Channel, is now live on Roku, where it’s available to a new audience of as many as 27 million Roku users. That’s in addition to the audiences that have already had access to the channel via Facebook and platforms powered by FreeCast’s own SmartGuide.

The Investor News Channel is a streaming channel dedicated to financial news, specializing in emerging markets, opportunities in the growing legal marijuana sector, real estate, cryptocurrency, and small-cap markets. The channel features content from some of the big names in the financial space: Zacks Investment Research, Midas Letter, Kris Krohn, and more.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley discussed the value of such Microchannels in light of recent mergers and acquisitions: “You look at the recent Cheddar acquisition, $200 million. We’re doing something very similar, and we’re doing it with minimal overhead: developing and curating content into a high-quality linear channel. If you’re a cord-cutter that doesn’t have easy access to CNBC or the big networks, this is a fabulous resource. And we can follow this playbook to produce more channels focusing on different topics, that are legitimate alternatives to big cable networks. This is the first of many.”

Mobley promised more Microchannels to come, that will eventually form an entire web-native TV ecosystem that is distinct from both cable and satellite television networks and broadcast channels. These new Microchannels are made with opportunities for branding partnerships and sponsors in mind, which will both enhance the value of these channels and accelerate their deployment.

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