“Mad” Mike Hughes is moderating a live “Ultimate Flat Earth Debate” which may settle the question once and for all. Noted conspiracy debunker Mick West will defend the globe against popular flat earther Nathan Thompson.

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 18, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Flat Earth: Exit The Matrix Expo 2019 is a two-day convention hosted by famous daredevil “Mad” Mike Hughes and featuring speakers on various conspiracy related topics. The steam-powered rocket which Hughes launched 1875 feet into the air last year will be parked in front of the Plaza Hotel & Casino, which is where the event is being held.

Among the subjects to be discussed at the event are:

Mike Hughes to present his plan to reach the “edge” of space to prove or disprove the flat earth theory.

Event sponsor Exploring Again will present a plan to go to the unexplored regions of the map and those places which they believe aren’t on the map.

Brother Earnest will present a radical and alternative cosmology known as the Theocentric Concave Earth theory and his views on street activism and radical worldviews.

Mick West of Metabunk will present his views on the flat earth subject and why he thinks the earth is not flat, a position which he will defend against Nathan Thompson, popular flat earth exponent in a live-streamed pay per view debate.

The event will be rounded out by artist Chris Pontius, arguably the most famous flat earther artist in the world. He will discuss his life and work and how he came to be the preeminent modelmaker. Pontius has been featured in many documentaries and news stories, including the Netflix docudrama “Behind The Curve”.

There will be live flat earth themed music by Chief Crow and the Flat Earth Worms, MVP da_Hardware Vandal. Several unnamed “crisis actors” will discuss their work and what it means in the age of ubiquitous fake news.

The theme of the event, exiting the “Matrix”, reflects the goals of the three sponsors: “Mad” Mike Hughes and his planned trip to the edge of space, Exploring Again and their open call for “exploring beyond”, and the Infinite Plane Society, a conspiracy research community exploring the metaphorical edges of reality.

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