Season Two Reveals Whether Adrienne’s Love Life Will Bring Tricks or Treats

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an age when many women prefer to use trendy dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to meet men, Adrienne, AKA “Lady Kate,” prefers to keep it old school — as in Victorian-era old. In lieu of grabbing drinks with potential baes while wearing stilettos and form-fitted dresses, Lady Kate, an African American Anglophile, favors drinking tea with potential suitors while donning floor-length ball gowns. BLACK GIRL IN A BIG DRESS (BGBD) chronicles her awkward attempts to find love through her cosplaying adventures and beyond.

When it comes to dating, BGBD writer and creator Aydrea Walden, who plays Adrienne, says the show portrays how delicately tricky the search for love can be. “None of us has any idea what we’re doing,” says Walden. “Adrienne kind of wears that more than others: She’s attempting to date in 21st century Los Angeles with 19th century ideals.”

The first episode of BGBD season one launched with more than 2 million total views on YouTube and Facebook, and aptly concluded with a 2018 Webby Award nomination. While season one highlighted Adrienne’s fish-out-of-water attempts to obtain suitors at work and during reenactments — while comically depicting her cousin Liz’s cultural policing of her blackness — Walden says season two is all about romance.

“Period romance stories are all about someone loving you for exactly who you are. I think that 100% of us would like that: ‘Please, just let me be who I am and let that be enough.'” Adrienne is no exception. All she wants is a man who will court her by taking her gloved hand, kissing it, and asking her to waltz. Is that too much to ask?

Season two of BGBD launches October 15 on YouTube. Director Saralyn Armer (PANT SUITS) directs the 10 episodes that boast a cast of seasoned performers: Aydrea Walden (NICKELODEON) as awkward Adrienne; Tiffany Thomas (THE REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD) as Liz; Jean Elie (INSECURE) as Troy, Liz’s boyfriend; James Tang (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE) as a potential suitor for Adrienne; and Ryan Murray (GUIDING LIGHT) as the ever-charming Lord Fitzhugh.

“I don’t watch horror,” Walden confesses, “but one of the reasons people like horror is just because it’s a fake scare: you get scared, but you know that you’re safe. I think that love stories function really similarly: it’s all the joy of putting your heart out there and trying to hold hands or steal a kiss — it’s an adrenaline rush — but you’re safe on the other side of the television, just watching it happen.”

To (safely) watch Lady Kate’s romantic rendezvous, take a peek at season two. For more info about the series, visit

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