Highlighting the feature animation film “The First Step” to target the global market

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Alfred Imageworks (www.aiw.co.kr, CEO: Park Jong-hoo) will proceed with the mission to conquer the global market by confirming its participation in MIPCOM 2019 in Cannes, France (Oct. 14-17) and American Film Market (AFM 2019) in Santa Monica, USA (Nov. 6-13). Alfred Imageworks will be featuring its long animation film “The First Step” in the two events.

The First Step, the theater-scale animation aimed at the global market, is a young adult drama in the sports genre with the world’s most extraordinary outsider basketball teams as the subject. By actively promoting “The First Step”. Alfred Imageworks is seeking to get investment from film companies and build network with distributors, online video service (OTT) providers from participating in MIPCOM 2019 and AFM 2019.

Park Jong-hoo, CEO of Alfred Imageworks, referred to “The First Step” as “the story of plan Bs of characters who missed the precious opportunity of life,” and added “As the IP planning and development of the characters from “The First Step” is completed, we are going to actively pitch in MIPCOM 2019 and AFM 2019.” Also, Alfred Imageworks plans to customize the contents to match the characteristics of the two events, broadcasting and film.

Alfred Imageworks, focusing on various character designs, 3D character animations, and game cinematic productions, is working on producing various short animations that possess its perspective of the world, in addition to “The First Step”. Among them, “Art Of War”, which is currently under production and to be released early next year, is a short comic series film targeting teenagers and young adults in their twenties. Choi Kyu-ho, the CTO of the company, refers to it as “a military film that’s not serious in the slightest bit.”

Alfred Imageworks is a design-based company that started with the idea of combining “3D animation and design”. With such background of foundation, Alfred Imageworks has distinctive planning, ideas, and design competitiveness from CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) or VFX (Visual Effects) companies. “Animation is a good tool for launching and sustaining characters,” said CEO Park. He also added, “Since we have a strength in CGI character animation, we are going to use it as the base to expand our horizon to character IP business.”

National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) will actively support overseas promotion, marketing and entry into the global market by exhibiting in MIPCOM2019 and American Film Market as part of the 2019 Global CGI Co-Production Project. It promotes technology exchange between outstanding CG companies in Korea and overseas, establishes a foundation for overseas co-production, and provides opportunities for stimulating overseas investment networks with business consultation and finding new buyers.

Founded in 2003, Alfred Imageworks, is a so-called “motion graphics” company that has been working on projects for more than 17 years, including advertising, broadcast design, animation, film, and interactive design. All projects of Alfred Imageworks are always aimed at “visual enjoyment” and “emotional sympathy”, and to achieve this, various attempts in directing and technology development for visual effects have been set as the top priority.

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