We all have heard about the mystic and the beauty of the Sanskrit language. But have we ever tried to understand what it means? What is that beauty? What is that mystic? What is actually the thing that makes so many expert linguists of the world praise about the language? Well, here, in this section on the Sanskrit language we will try to dissect the characteristics of Sanskrit grammar that makes it so great.

Seeing the effulgence of the language, one thing is clear that the one needs to have the sheer dedication and a passion to learn the language. So let us see some of the characteristics of the language.

word-forming techniques

 A.words having multiple meanings

The Sanskrit language has some amazing techniques for forming words. One such technique is that the words in Sanskrit describe the quality or the property of that object or the entity that it possesses rather than the object or the entity itself. For instance, in the English language, the word for elephant is elephant itself, but in Sanskrit language, it is गज, which not necessarily means an elephant but has several other meanings as well, which are, ‘of having eight legs’, ‘base of the earth’, ‘eighth number’. So you see, a single word in English has multiple qualities in the Sanskrit language.

B.large sentences can be created form short words

Another characteristic of Sanskrit language which makes the language stand apart from other language is that the Sanskrit language has some brilliant ways of portraying vast and multiple-meaning from fewer words. For instance, one can, with the help of grammar; can build long and meaningful sentences, which; if we try to do in some other language or English language, for instance; will demand us to have a vast reservoir of vocabulary. This reveals an important feature about the Sanskrit language, that is; the Sanskrit gives more importance to the style and technique – the way the words are spoken and the placing of the words; rather than having a large vocabulary of words.

So you must have got some few glimpses about this remarkable language and its beauty. One can for sure by learning the language and style of Sanskrit language can excel in many aspects of life apart from academia, as the language leaves a lifetime impact on the person willing to dive into it.

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