NEW YORK, NY, October 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Entrepreneur Xavier Marrero took his first financial hit in 2014-2015. With this, Xavier lost his home, his vehicle and any source of transportation, his wife, and his sanity. Through self-development, he has been able to transform his life. Xavier has built multiple seven figure businesses in less than two years. With these businesses, he has been able to travel, mentor thousands, and oversee a team of 2500 business associates, and now he is never stopping.

Born in Puerto Rico with little to less wealth, and raised by both parents, Xavier and his family moved to the state of Pennsylvania in the early 1990’s with dreams of creating a financially stable lifestyle. Although this goal did not happen immediately, the mindset was to become financially free without dictation from corporate America and having to dedicate himself to a 9-5 job. His family and him then relocated to Florida in the early part of 2003. That same year he graduated from High School at eighteen years old.

What makes Xavier unique are the principals and morals that were embedded into him at a young age.

“My parents ensured that my attitude and all-around conduct was polished and that I always exemplified respect everywhere I went. Coming from a negative environment where there weren’t any opportunities or guidance for adolescents, I had to seek knowledge and stability to help cultivate a positive mindset, and attitude for my future. Then, I was able to focus on my success and the success of others,” he shares.

Now, Xavier oversees a credit building consultation firm. In addition to that, he helps other people create their own businesses to elevate their financial freedom and stability based on the knowledge he has attained. Xavier delivers world class service and shows his clients care and passion.

“In my business I exude confidence with partners and exercise a culture of business professionalism and excellence. The culture is what sets me apart from my competition,” states the entrepreneur.

His ambition to seek financial stability and educate himself in credit sustenance was what drove him on his journey to start his business. Not being able to provide for his family and knowing that financial literacy could help transform one’s lifestyle is what led him to where he is today.

“The desire to increase my knowledge in financial literacy, create a financially stable environment for my family and myself, and creating a platform that can help others transform their lives inspired me to get into this industry.” he says.

One of the biggest challenges he has faced since starting a business was having to combine different personalities while strategically keeping the team focused on one goal. Another challenge that he realizes may come about when starting a business revolves around having dedication and remaining laser focused.

“When you have the right mindset and understand that everyday will not be the same, you will be determined to succeed; some days may have its peaks, and some days may have its valleys, but only the strongest warriors survive,” he emphasizes.

Xavier strongly believes in the power mindset can have in one’s success in the world.

“Mindset is the main factor that will drive success in my business. Without the right mindset you will not be successful with anything. It will allow you to grow through any obstacle that may arise. Mindset is something a person should work on and cultivate each day, like a muscle,” says the entrepreneur.

His advice for those trying to start their own business is to be passionate, and goal driven.

“They should always keep the end goal in mind and know the “why.” I also would exemplify how starting your own business can open a window of time and freedom to be with your family more,” he shares.

His next upcoming projects entail creating a non-profit organization under XEM Enterprise while targeting inner city kids.

“My non-profit organization will teach entrepreneurship, business ownership, and financial literacy to less fortune adolescents in aid to inspire their ambitions and true goals for their future,” he says.

Xavier has created the right mindset and realized that his past cannot influence his future blessings, and will not dictate who he is. While in the process of enhancing lives, Xavier has been rewarded on several occasions with top tier achievements and set records in multiple companies. By reminding himself why, and what he had to do to provide for his family, he gained the motivation he needed to achieve greater, and transform his life.

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