Emerging Strategy puts GoldCoin on the road to cryptocurrency evolution.

NEW YORK, NY, April 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — GoldCoin (GLC) continues to evolve through an evolutionary strategy that not only addresses current economic opportunities and risks but also in ways that redefine the role of cryptocurrency for speculators. Read our summary of the whitepaper by world-class and award-winning economist Dr. Emmanuel Ajuzie and his rationale for picking GoldCoin as one of his top three investment worthy cryptocurrencies.

Who is Dr. Emmanuel I.S. Ajuzie?
Dr. Emmanuel Ajuzie teaches through the Lincoln University of Missouri as an associate professor of economics and agriculture economics. He is also well known for his research through the Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and Research facility and as an author of journal articles on economic topics including inflation, recession, oil speculation, monetary policy, and recession. In addition, he is highly awarded for his work in national economics and agriculture economics. In short, Dr. Ajuzie is a well-respected and recognized voice in economics and investing.

Ajuzie Recommends GoldCoin for Wealth Preservation Opportunities
A review of Dr. Emmanuel I.S. Ajuzie, Ph.D. Executive Summer of GoldCoin (GLC), the crypto marketplace, and speculation in cryptocurrencies. He is quick to point out that cryptocurrencies are not perfect but that they uplift the business opportunities over traditional forms of currency. GoldCoin (GLC) earns his praise for advancing the opportunities of crypto speculation due to its revolutionary approach and technology driving policies that not only create the next generation of cryptocurrencies but address both the pitfalls of cryptocurrencies and traditional money.

A Good example of this is GoldCoin’s Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork (RBH) – a path backward that fixes the current problems with Bitcoin and its diluted and divided condition. The result will remove the dilution by melded fractured coins and Bitcoins best features into the original blockchain. This means a stronger future for Goldcoin and mega opportunities for speculators. It is these kinds of strategy that attract master economists, such as Dr. Ajuzie.

The Hard Road
We think of the crash of 2008 as the beginning of the current economic mess, but really, the first error in economics occurred some 20 years ago when the Feds raised interest rates under a façade and in the process caused the .Com bust. Dr. Ajuzie saw the writing on the wall and cautioned Greenspan to leave interest rates alone. A warning Greenspan did not heed. The problem is that in a fiat-money system, manipulation of that system occurs for many reasons. In a cryptocurrency system, manipulation is null. That is one of the greatest features of investments in cryptocurrencies such as GoldCoin.

The Problems with Cryptocurrencies
Dr. Ajuzie outlines the current problems with cryptocurrencies by saying that there are just too many of them. Through his research into all cryptocurrencies, he quiets the rumors and quickly names his top three pics for crypto investment. Those are BTC, ETH, and GLC.

His top 11 list outlines why GLC remains a top crypto investment option:
1. Scarcity
2. Durability
3. Portability
4. Divisibility
5. Uniformity
6. Authenticity Verification
7. Storage
8. Fungible
9. Difficult to Counterfeit
10. Widespread Use
11. Acceptability

Gold has long been the answer for anyone looking to reduce the risk of fiat money investments. It is a true barometer of market conditions both for the casual consumer and for Speculators. Gold is being funneled into sinks that address a small population of the worlds wealthiest nations and persons. GoldCoin helps to reduce the impact of Fiat-related manipulation of the world’s resources away from the rich by creating a system where they have little impact on the outcome of the investment.

The Goldcoin Community
GoldCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that finally delivers on the promises of decentralization. It’s completely built and maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers who firmly believe in promoting economic freedom. Thanks to these principles and a focus on game-changing usability features, like two-minute confirmation speeds and instant 0-Conf transactions, GoldCoin is fundamentally changing how cryptocurrency and economies operate.

Unlike the securities, stock options, profit sharing and other opportunity plans of centuries past, this is more than just a new way to secure wealth: It’s a proven system where awards are based on math alone.

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