BlockCommerce a first of its kind project multi-commerce platform acquires 10 million USD funding from Alchemyze Capital, with an additional 14.5 million USD LOI from a 2nd fund with details to follow soon.

BANGKOK, THAILAND, May 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — BlockCommerce combines the power of the blockchain with an innovative multi-commerce platform. A fee-free instant currency that improves profits and security and a distribution and drop shipping ledger-driven automated system. Couple that with state of the art optimized stores which are provided at no cost, acquires 10 million USD funding from Alchemyze Capital with an additional 14.5 million USD LOI from a second fund with details to follow soon.

This is what Justin Jung, Managing Director of Alchemyze Capital has to say;

“After reviewing more than 200+ projects the past couple months, BlockCommerce caught my attention immediately with the outstanding team and experiences that they have, especially in this blockchain space.

“In addition, the spaces BlockCommerce are in have great market opportunities, and their solutions are brilliant. Besides that, BlockCommerce has showed that they are able to raise money along side with other pending commitments, and being a company that has been generating revenue steadily.

“With all the factors above, it’s a no brainier for Alchemyze Capital to partner and to invest into BlockCommerce.”

In discussing BlockCommerces’ listing on the TrustedIn Trading social media platform, Head of EU Operations, Bill Papacharalampous, stated;

“Accountability and proper Due Diligence are the cornerstones of sound investments. As investors have found out, these have been sorely lacking in the ICO/ITO projects over the last few years. Vast majority of ICO projects have turned out to be ill thought out ideas at best and outright fraud at worst.

“TrustedIn Trading is a tremendous leap forward in maturing this space and one of the key reasons that BlockCommerce chose to launch on this much-needed platform. With proper transparency, accountability, and in-depth review before any project even hits the market, investors can rest assured they’re dealing with only the highest quality projects where they can expect to see positive returns.

“Even after our project’s raise, we anticipate working closely with Shane and his team on their mission to dramatically improve how projects and stakeholders interact in this young space.”

TrustedIn Trading is a social media platform which enables compliance on a multi-jurisdictional basis for projects who publish on the platform after a rigorous due diligence is passed.

BlockCommerce: Bill Papacharalampous
Alchemyze Capital: Justin Jung
TrustedIn Trading: Shane McQuillan
RAMP Enterprises: Tony Hooton

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