California company receives high marks for its ability to design, engineer and modify specialty pipe and tube cutting equipment

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA, August 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tri Tool received the highest marks in a new study conducted by prominent industrial advisory firm True North for its engineering capabilities for custom machinery used to cut pipe and tubing in key industries like nuclear, oil & gas, power generation, processing plant piping, and high-purity tubing systems for semi-conductor, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical production.

Tri Tool scored a 10 on a scale of 1-10 in two key areas that highlight the company’s advanced expertise in in-situ precision pipe and tube cutting and its longevity as a leading manufacturer in specialty design and engineering of custom machine tool solutions: Engineering, Overall Knowledge, and Established in Market. All of the company’s scores for the parameters for which it and its largest competitors were judged were at the top end of the range, with no score less than an 8.

The review of 12 of the largest pipe and tube machine tool manufacturers evaluated the firms’ capabilities in these key areas:

• Engineering, Overall Knowledge
• Customizable Approaches Devised by Company
• Completeness of Proposal
• Timeliness of Proposal
• Ability to Integrate into Existing Solutions
• Cost Competitiveness
• Time to Deliver Solution
• Support Provided Post Solution
• Ease to Work with Company
• Responsiveness – Before, During and After
• Established in Market
• Global Presence

The companies were scored in each area, with Tri Tool earning the highest overall score. The companies evaluated are among the largest suppliers of custom portable pipe cutting, beveling and facing tools and machines and tube cutting, squaring and severing equipment.

“In my experience in the nuclear industry, along with my research, Tri Tool has made engineering a priority at their company,” said Brett Sargent, founder and owner of True North Consulting, in the report. “Yes, they make their own tools, and I have seen them at various nuclear plants throughout my years, but they also can design, engineer, and modify their tools to do wonderous things, along with creating entirely new machines.”

“It is not as simple as it seems when you are planning your outage or modifications, and we know that it is not that simple when everything goes wrong in that outage and you feel like you are drowning,” he said. “Having a great company at your side to help you through those dark times is paramount. I think that is what drove me to this evaluation over anything else.”

The reviewed companies represent the leading manufacturers of specialized, portable pipe and tube machining equipment designed for performing machining operations without having to remove and transport piping system components to a separate machining facility.

In-place pipe and tube machining operations are mandatory when mission-critical maintenance is required for a major nuclear reactor, ship and plant components that are essentially “built-in” and can’t be moved without considerable time, difficulty, expense, or hazards. Dedicated machinery must often be custom designed and manufactured to perform specialized work correctly.

“We’re honored that our company has been recognized for the engineering expertise we’ve developed over the past 45 years and its capabilities to provide the right solutions at the right time and cost for so many of our customers,” said Justin Tripp, P.E., Vice President of Engineering.

True North’s detailed evaluation resulted in Tri Tool scoring far ahead of the field of competing companies, confirming the company as one of the premier suppliers and preferred sources for custom pipe and tube cutting equipment for industries around the world.

Tri Tool Incorporated is a privately held, global leader in the manufacture of portable precision equipment specifically designed for pipe beveling, flange facing, in-line pipe cutting, multi-process orbital welding, high-performance pipeline machinery, and a wide range of internal line-up clamps. In addition, Tri Tool offers on-site field machining and code welding services, special engineering and custom machine design and machine tool rental. Customers come to Tri Tool because they are a trusted OEM manufacturer and solution provider.

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