Michigan: Home Of The Modern Customer

EAST LANSING, MI, July 12, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — We ask that all small businesses put down their credit cards and go over to Thrustomer.com. The days of paying for leads online is officially over.

Thrustomer allows customers to fill out a form of what they want done (it could range anything from auto repair to taxes) and they do not have to sign up (so it avoids email spam). Then all the small businesses registered in that county doing that specific work (taxes, makeup, auto repair) will get an email of what the person wants and can respond with a quote.

Thrustomer also allows the customer to sit back and have the businesses contact them (so it is easy to compare quotes). This is because the inquiry gets sent to every verified and registered business in that area.

Thrustomer is completely small business orientated. From a business perspective, they only have to pay $50/year to register (for the first year). Also, they don’t have to pay us per lead/customer they take which allows small businesses to keep their profits high. Overall, it is a way of connecting small businesses to customers.

Call to Action

Businesses: Register now at https://www.thrustomer.com
Customers: Submit inquiries in our portal to find local services.

Basic Info

Thrustomer: The Modern Customer

Thrustomer: A new way for customers to communicate to services nearby for quotes, feedback or ideas using simple forms.

Slogan: Launch It, Land It, Love It


Thrustomers launch their projects or “inquiries”, businesses land the job, and Thrustomers love their results!

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