Charles Ramsey, President of Thrive Growing, is pleased to announce the results of our first commercial cannabis production.

CALGARY, AB, April 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Charles Ramsey, President of Thrive Growing, is pleased to announce the results of our first commercial cannabis production.

Charles said, “We are very satisfied with the initial results of our Terrace Garden system deployed with our licensed cultivation partner RiNo Supply Company in Denver, Colorado.”

Jared Penman, President of RiNo Supply Company, said, “As one of Colorado’s longest tenured licensed growers, we are always looking for efficiencies and ways to increase our product quality. Not only did the Thrive Growing system achieve much above industry average yields, it did so with much lower operating costs…and in our greenhouse rather than an indoor facility.”

Charles said, “Innovation means always pushing the envelope. When presented with the opportunity to stress test our platform, we embraced the challenge to demonstrate that our technology can be successfully operated in the light deprivation greenhouse growing environment.”

He also said, “Growing 5 cannabis strains over an 8-week period on a 368plant Terrace Garden unit located immediately beside the conventional greenhouse crop provided an ideal comparison. Even on this first crop, we achieved 2.8 times the yield per square foot on an annualized basis compared to the greenhouse crop harvested at the same time, with higher potency on 4 out of 5 strains…and we did it with less than half the operating costs.”

Jared added, “Growing aeroponically removed weeks of veg, eliminated soil and all the labor and cost of multiple replanting and pruning steps. I see the real potential for even more yield improvement and cost reductions from the next crop.”

Also, Mr. Ramsey said, “This success demonstrates the superior performance and flexibility of our Terrace Garden system for cannabis growing facilities and it shows that our technology offers a big financial upside for commercial growers.”

Finally, Mr. Ramsey said, “I look forward to rapidly expanding our product introduction schedule as we are commencing our second demonstration in Las Vegas, Nevada this month in an indoor growing facility with strict environmental controls. I am very optimistic this next initiative will be another significant step in commercializing our Terrace Garden cannabis growing technology.”

About Thrive Growing: Thrive Growing is a company focused solely on providing advanced growing technology to the cannabis industry. We developed our patent pending, aeroponic Terrace Garden growing system specifically to grow cannabis cleaner, faster, more reliable, with much higher yields and with much lower labor costs for both growing and processing. Our technology is suitable for both new builds and retrofits of existing facilities at all scales.

For inquiries, please contact: Charles Ramsey at 816-721-0331, website:

About RiNo Supply Company: RiNo Supply Company was established in 2009 as a member-driven medical marijuana dispensary. Founded in the heart of the RiNo Art District (River North) of Denver, it is the area’s most reliable supplier of consistently high-grade medical marijuana at an affordable price. Rino Supply cultivates their grow in industry-leading greenhouses near Boulder, Colorado. Each cannabis plant is grown using sustainable nutrients, following benchmark practices. This focused attention and care is directly reflected in loyal patient relationships and customer service-driven membership programs.

For inquiries, please contact: RiNo Supply Company at 303-296-2680, website:

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