Bob Wallace Excavating Ltd. is a first time Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Demolition Contractors, in the region of Southern Alberta.

CALGARY, AB, May 01, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The company has been in business since 1976, and is Southern Alberta’s leader in Demolition, Excavation and Asbestos.


Q: What Does it Mean for Your Company to be Voted by Consumers as your City’s Best?
A: To be recognized by our customers as the best in the City for Demolition is an honour. We have worked very hard to improve our efficiencies so this is a huge payoff. We are so glad our customers are happy!

Q: What is it About Your Company You Feel Sets You Apart From Your Competitors?
A: We have always offered a competitive price to homeowners and builders alike. We want to make their projects affordable while delivering the highest quality work.

After 45 years in business, we pride ourselves in offering clients a one-stop-shop for all services needed for stress-free project completion.

Q: How Will Winning This Award Affect the Work You Do Moving Forward?
A: Receiving this award validates our efforts to continue with our strategies, goals and objectives. Winning this award has helped us to work harder to deliver our best.

Q: What is the Biggest Risk You Have Ever Taken in Business?
A: As our family business started such a long time ago, we found ourselves in desperate need of some automation and new equipment. We found these expensive tasks quite scary in an uncertain economy. We didn’t know if they were smart moves and they caused a lot of sleepless nights.

It was always Bob Wallace Senior’s dream to have his son, Bob Wallace Jr. carry on the family business. It has worked out well and I just know Bob Wallace Senior would be very proud today.

Q: Businesswise, What is Your Next Big Step?
A: Our next big step is to continue doing what our customers find valuable. We want to add strength to their businesses and help them satisfy their customers.


MY BUSINESS MOTTO IS… To always do your best!

WHAT I LOVE IN MY JOB… Receiving the recognition from customers of a job well done.

MY BIGGEST SUCCESS IS… Winning the Consumer Choice Award.


MY BIGGEST STRUGGLE… Controlling the day-to-day costs/expenses, and not listening to my gut instinct.

DAILY I ALWAYS TRY TO… I am always detail oriented, always keeping to task.

DURING MY SPARE TIME I LIKE TO… Decorate, I have always found it to be very therapeutic for me.

IN MY IPOD YOU WILL FIND… All the artists from the 60’s and 70’s.


BOB WALLACE | President
LAURIE WALLACE | Vice President

(403) 875-9330
[email protected]
242136 – 12th Street SE
Calgary, AB T0L 0X0

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