enEntrepreneur, ‘Sheri C. Johnson’ is set to release a series of children’s books under a collection titled The ‘Wiser Kids Books’ Collection. A series of Children’s Books that entails real life situations that children can read themselves that are likely to guide and prepare them for the real world.  The book series is set to be released on the monthly bases over the next year.  ‘Wiser Kids Books is full of thoughtful tales and scenarios with interesting and engaging characters children will enjoy.” The Entrepreneur says.

The Young Business Owner has a quite the diverse portfolio. Operating a multitude of businesses that range from Real Estate and Automotive Investing, to Music Development, Designing Fashion Brands, Publishing and Script Writing.

The Entrepreneur has been very productive in most recent years, with the launch of a new brand,‘Her Juice™ for the fashion industry.

Her Juice clothing and accessories is a registered trademark of ‘Johnson Young, LLC‘, a limited liability company established by the Entrepreneur, Sheri C. Johnson in February 2011.

Entrepreneur, Sheri C. Johnson began her Entrepreneurial Career as a car dealer, with claims to have had and sold over 100 automobiles since her early twenties, the now 32 year old Entrepreneur confirms. After years with dealing in the car business, the young business owner moved on into the Real Estate industry. With very little knowledge and tons of drive, she began buying and selling real-estate across the nation. A very big move for her and her company.

In 2015, Sheri C. Johnson registered her brand ‘Her Juice’ with the United States Patents and Trademark, and officially became the designer of her very own brand. The Entrepreneur is also working in the music industry, owning several literary copyrights to over 30 songs, in which are also registered with ASCAP, a professional organization of songwriters, composers and music publishers. The Entrepreneur also has registered scripts via The Writers Guild of America, an Official union representing writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media industries.

Her Children’s Books Collection ‘Wiser Kids Books’ is expected to be released in late June 2016.

For Updates regarding the exact publication date, please visit the website. WWW.WISERKIDSBOOKS.COM or stay connected with the Entrepreneur herself by visiting WWW.SHERICJOHNSON.COM