NEW YORK, NY, October 07, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Seventeen-year-old serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Mann Kong, went from being a failing high school student, getting straight F’s at school and completely unsure of his future, to generating over 1.7 million dollars per month after nine months of starting with over twenty e-commerce dropshipping stores.

He has used his vast knowledge of the market to open up his own online course, Dropshipping University, where he has helped many other businesses generate more sales and revenue by leveraging their use of social media advertising.

Mann currently runs three businesses. In the past four years, he has started over twenty e-commerce stores.

“We start an easy drag and drop website by using a platform called shopify and drive traffic to the website to sell products which we never touch, as the supplier fulfills the products to the customers. This business model is called Dropshipping. With such a streamlined business model, it is extremely scalable, allowing us to achieve the numbers that I have achieved,” he says.

After running seven-figure e-commerce stores, many business owners noticed and reached out asking if he was able to do the same thing for their business with Facebook Advertising. That’s how his social media marketing agency, Viper Digital – Facebook Ads Specialist Agency, was born. Using his and his teams expertise in digital marketing, and leveraging it for other businesses to generate leads, sales, and revenue.

His last business venture is his online education company: Dropshipping University. This is an online course program which allows anyone from anywhere in the world to participate.

“It’s a series of videos of me teaching expertise and knowledge that I have with e-commerce dropshipping, so that others can replicate results similar to what I have. It teaches A to Z everything about e-commerce dropshipping so that a beginner can get started, or people that are struggling are able to scale up their stores,” he shares.

Mann had two clear reasons for getting started in business. First was the fact that he never really liked the fact that he had to rely on other people to fund his day to day life.

“When someone is paying for your living expenses and your day to day life, it’s almost a way of control over you. I didn’t like that. Financial control over my own life has given me more freedom and allowed me to travel the world,” he says.

His second reason is death and mortality. When he was younger, Mann always hung around a lot of older and successful people. He knew that if he was hanging around people that were successful, he would have a higher chance of being there too.

“They would talk to me a lot about mortality. We only have a very limited time on earth being a human and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, knowing this at a very young age has taught me to work hard and get started in business and not get stuck in a 9-5 cycle where I would be wasting my time. Life is short, and getting started in business would allow me to not waste as much of my time. Knowing this I went down the path of business as I knew it had the ability to fund my lifestyle and the goals I wanted to reach,” he says.

Mann has always taken advantage of opportunities given and he is very confident that the future has a lot to offer to every single individual.

“Because I am really young, I have a really big-time advantage over most people. I also have spent many years understanding and developing my mindset. I also have been at the bottom and now I am where I am today, so I understand the whole process and what it takes when most people don’t,” says serial entrepreneur Mann Kong.

The biggest challenges he faced were failure and mindset.

“From day 1 we are put into school and get punished for failure, which is totally incorrect because failure is one of the fastest ways to learn anything especially in business and life in general. Having these limiting beliefs that failure was bad and just generally having a poor mindset was one of the biggest challenges that I faced when starting a business. It took me a long time to figure out why my business was failing until someone told me that I didn’t have business problems I had personal problems manifesting into my business, was when the challenges I faced in my business were overcome,” shares the entrepreneur.

After building his ecommerce businesses, Mann plans on continuing to share and inspire people through his story. His purpose is to educate others and the people around him that there are other ways of getting through life than the traditional education system we have today. He looks forward to impacting as many people as possible.

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