NEW YORK, NY, August 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today in the United States, people get declined funding for businesses or are unable to get loans to buy their dream car or house due to having bad credit. Many of them find out how important credit is right at the moment the funding or loan they requested is declined.

This was the case of Rashad, who dropped out of Georgia Southern University where he was pursuing a degree in IT to follow his dreams, which included opening multiple businesses. At one point, he attempted to get funding for a business he was starting but was rejected because of low credit.

“I then took the necessary steps to learn how to fix my personal credit. Once my personal credit was in good standing, I was able to receive a $100,000 line of credit for that same business with no personal guarantor needed,” Rashad says.

Nowadays, Rashad runs two businesses: Clear Vision Marketing Agency (CVMG), which runs Facebook ads for multiple companies, and Elite Credit Restorations, his most recent venture, through which he helps people fix their credit in order to receive business funding.

Clear Vision is now also providing Instagram promotions for clients, “helping them to build their brands, as well as increase their sales and provide more traffic to their company sites,” Rashad points out.

Through both businesses, Rashad is serving and helping others achieve their goals. He knows that having the courage to believe in yourself is important when starting a business, but even if you believe in yourself, obstacles like low credit can hinder your path. Accordingly, now that he is on his feet and successful, he wants to help others get their businesses running too.

“Marketing has allowed me to meet a lot of inspirational people and connect with a lot of great mentors along the way. With my credit business, I love being able to help people improve their lifestyle just by improving their credit. It is amazing to see people getting approved for the things they wanted, such as new cars and houses,” Rashad states.

According to Rashad, “mindset is everything when becoming an entrepreneur.” However, another thing that is necessary to succeed is to practice positive affirmations and to surround yourself with positive energy.

“The energy that you put into the universe is what is put back into you; this is the law of attraction. Therefore it is important to be around positive energy. Seek people that fuel you, empower you, teach you and believe in you.” Rashad remarks.

Low credit is not the only thing keeping people behind, fear too, says Rashad. “If you are afraid to take chances, you will miss out on opportunities. Take a chance,” he advises. Failure is inevitable, but it can be an opportunity to learn and improve.

Now that he runs two businesses through which he helps others, Rashad has found the meaning of success. It is not only about the money, or even about having good credit. It is about the impact you can have as a person.

“Success is about setting goals and achieving them, but it is also about being a positive influence in other’s lives.” He says.

Through Elite Credit Restorations, Rashad helped people get 3.2M in funding just in 2018. Additionally, Rashad has now fully achieved financial freedom, which for him means that he can invest more of his time and resources to help his community.

“From now on, I will be focusing on my nonprofit events for the community. I will be hosting a turkey drive this November for Thanksgiving, and I will be doing a toy giveaway for the kids for Christmas. Being able to give back to my community makes everything worth it,” Rashad adds.

Not only has Rashad built a tighter relationship with his community, but he has also built long lasting relationships with his clients, which in turn has earned him their trust. This makes Rashad stand out from his competition. To learn more about his next projects and his businesses, you can follow him here.

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