NEW YORK, NY, August 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ramon Gartrell’s story is one of success and spiritualism. He was born into a house of five boys with divorced parents. His father was always a guiding light for him. Since he was young, Ramon’s joy was working with his dad, who owned his own business in the 70s.

There, he got to learn how to do every part of the business, until he found his preferred area of work: driving and operations.

Nonetheless, Ramon saw his dad’s business collapse because of the lack of understanding about the importance of teamwork when trying to make dreams work, as well as the ignorance of credit.

Since he was young, Ramon always liked being on a team. He played point guard in basketball, where he says, he “loved to make others shine by passing the ball.”

However, sports was not the only thing surrounding Ramon.

“I was very good at sports, but during the off season I didn’t keep focusing on my vision. I dropped out of school as a senior to run the streets, and found myself in a new world of corruption, crime and selfishness,” he shared.

Since day one, Ramon always had a vision of being self-employed, which got him through the hard times and helped him keep the bad influences that surrounded him out. Ramon worked for other people for a while, but he was only getting ready and preparing to one day run his own business.

Ramon believed in his vision so much that one day he was walking with his wife and they saw a piece of metal lying on the road, which Ramon picked up.

“It was a hitch that goes on the back of a truck. I told my wife: ‘This is going on the back of my truck’. But I did not have a truck. A few months later through the grace of God, I was riding in my truck and that hitch I found fit was on it,” he shared.

After this, Ramon was running his own truck business, which he loved. Years later, Ramon decided there was more. He wanted to spend more time with his grandson and decided to let go of the truck business.

Ramon’s life has been struck by chance and luck, always holding on to his spirit. He has gone through near death experiences, and has had very strong visions of his future. This is why he very strongly believed that there had to be more he could do with his life. This is when his brother invited him to join him at a credit repair business convention in Orlando, Florida.

Ramon was presented to Financial Education Services, a company that helps consumers achieve their highest financial potential.

After he decided to join the company, Ramon’s life began to change.

“The biggest challenge for me was the fact that I had to learn. It is about following the program that is already in place, instead of creating my own way of doing things. It’s so important when starting anything new, to come in as a little child ready to learn and be fed first,” he stated boldly.

And when it comes to building a successful business, Ramon doesn’t mince words.

“Build your strength off the information that is there, and then implement your own information into what is there. You have to be willing to follow someone that is going where you want to go, and do what they do,” he said.

Throughout his life, Ramon was relentless, continuously looking for something to do, always believing that there was more.

“Find your purpose, find what you are good at, trust God to feed you through your gift, and He will blow your mind,” he added boldly.

For Ramon, the combination of faith and hard work have drove him to a very successful business, helping hundreds of people reach their financial goals.

So for those of you looking to take your financial life to the next level and regain your faith that the best days are still ahead, Ramon Gartrell is the answer.

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