The award recognizes innovators in the field of cloud-based restaurant management technology, which has emerged as the gold standard for overseeing multi-location restaurants and franchises.

ST. LOUIS, MO, May 30, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — This May, Food and Beverage Technology Review named OpsAnalitica as a Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Provider for 2019. The award recognizes innovators in the field of cloud-based restaurant management technology, which has emerged as the gold standard for overseeing multi-location restaurants and franchises.

Food and Beverage Technology Review collaborates with industry experts each year to identify industry leaders in restaurant management IT. Its team of experts selected OpsAnalitica in 2019 in recognition of its efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive tool for restaurant owners and franchises.

OpsAnalitica has entered a market where record-keeping is still largely done with pen and paper. There are a number of problems with this approach, including but not limited to:

– a lack of accountability and accuracy validation beyond the individual location
– the inability of paper systems to proactively communicate with management and bubble potential issues in real-time
– standardized checklists that are incomplete for some locations and redundant for others

Even competitive digital versions of the standard paper record book are one-size-fits-all, but restaurants aren’t. That’s why OpsAnalitica is driving industry-wide change, thanks to its customizable solution that guides a restaurant’s staff through its day.

OpsAnalitica’s unique solution addresses the two most critical factors in restaurant management: food safety and the guest experience. At a purchase cost that is lower than a traditional paper based systems, it provides additional value through these unique features and benefits:

– checklists that are individualized for each location, eliminating time spent on irrelevant tasks
– an up-to-date safety management system that helps restaurants to avoid costly violations
– timed notifications that remind staff members of critical tasks
– real-time communication so owners and managers can work together to identify and fix problems
– detailed reporting to ensure a consistent guest experience.

All this is possible because OpsAnalitica knows restaurants. Its proprietary OpsLogic engine offers full flexibility to users, allowing them to serve high-quality and inviting food in a clean and well-kept atmosphere. Already, it’s transforming operations for thousands of locations across the world. Take a look at what current users are saying:

“The State Health Department required bulletproof management of our commissary operation and OpsAnalitica was exactly the solution we needed. Moreover, temperature logging and HACCP compliance is a breeze with the OpsAnaltica digital platform. We should have done this years ago.”
– Ryan, Corporate Executive Chef

“Since using the OpsAnalitica platform our inspection process is seamless. Pictures of items noted can be taken and are posted along side of the note for the specific area. Once an inspection is complete, it is easily reviewable, scores tallied and a link to the inspection can be emailed right away. This has changed the inspection process from a full day to a few hours.”
-Warren, Director of Operations

OpsAnalitica is excited to add the Top 10 award from Food & Beverage Technology Review to this growing list of accolades. The company looks forward to ongoing growth and dynamic changes across the restaurant industry, empowering operators to do better every day.

About OpsAnalitica:

OpsAnalitica helps restaurant operators reduce food safety risk and increase guest satisfaction through it’s intuitive, simple to implement shift readiness platform. With unique features such as dynamically creating checklists based on the location, OpsAnalitica users are able to complete checks faster and take the guesswork out of daily operations tasks. Learn more at

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