NEW YORK, NY, October 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The business world that surrounds recreational and medical cannabis keeps growing. The opportunities for this market increase every day, but not every company successfully takes off after a few months. High Farms is an exception.

David Albanese is a real estate agent turned cannabis businessman. He is an expert in business acquisition, and is in charge of creating opportunities in both the medical and recreational cannabis industry for High Farms.

High Farms helps cannabis growers build their own business and transition into the legal market. Through this, High Farms contributes to filling the current gaps in the industry. Furthermore, High Farms helps companies find funding and strategic partnerships in order to grow.

In part due to David’s leadership, the company has grown massively in the past few months. Eddie Mora, the CEO of High Farms Delivery LLC, says “without the support, guidance and team that David helped put in place, it would have been impossible to accomplish what seemed like just a dream a few short months ago. He helped take me from the medical to the recreational market of the Cannabis industry.”

David has managed to grow High Farms to be a “one of a kind brand.” In fact, it is the largest of its kind in Central California. David continues to grow this company while continuing to be involved in other business ventures. In addition to High Farms, David has also been a real estate broker for the past 14 years. David’s real estate firm focuses on home sales, investment acquisition of properties, and management of residential and commercial properties. David also operates a multi-million dollar construction and maintenance pool company.

David was initially motivated to get involved in business after seeing his mother struggle on a daily basis to keep him and his sibling safe when they were younger. The hardship of living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to provide left a mark on him.

“As a kid I recall my mom collecting cans and making food to sell, in order to pay the electricity bill to keep the lights on and put food on the table,” he says.

The desire to achieve financial freedom in order to avoid the struggles he saw his mother deal with is what helped him be on the right mindset to get over the normal challenges of starting a business, such as lack of money, inspiration or support, and any other obstacles.

“Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, and I don’t feel any one is worse than the other, but having the right mindset is usually the hardest to achieve… Being in the right mindset especially after you keep failing is tough,” he shares.

Besides High Farms, the pool company and his real estate business, David also uses his time to advise current business owners and mentor future entrepreneurs. He constantly advises them to not let anyone tell them that something is not possible. Moreover, David believes that entrepreneurs should not let their environment or circumstances weight them down.

For David, achieving financial freedom means being able to enjoy life and family, while being able to give back and help others. This is why one of David’s next projects includes funding educational courses. His other projects include technology driven initiatives and capital building.

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