Leading Marketing and Advertising agency Mediagistic unveils its new suite of event-triggered, real-time advertising solutions and services called AdFluence™.

TAMPA, FL, May 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Leading Marketing and Advertising agency Mediagistic unveils its new suite of event-triggered, real-time advertising solutions and services called AdFluence™.

The software uses real-time data from weather, airlines, live television and sports to trigger pre-set criteria and launch ad campaigns or even increase spend when conditions are perfect for targeted audiences. It is designed to spend ad budgets more efficiently according to KPIs like lower cost per conversion, increased click-through-rates (CTRs), higher return on ad spend (ROAS), increased in-store traffic, and more.

Mediagistic President Andre Carollo says the new, proprietary and patent-pending software originated from a need on the part of Mediagistic’s clients to respond to the external factors driving consumer behavior. However, he says, the frequency and cadence of those factors are too high to scale without a programmatic solution. “We’re a very performance-driven agency, and this first evolved from needing to run ads in response to changes in weather in the home service industry,” Carollo adds.

With both fully managed and self-service (SaaS) configurations, AdFluence™ works on all major native ad channels including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest. The platform also integrates with DSPs and programmatic ad exchanges such as Google Marketing Platform and others.

“The AdFluence™ technology is revolutionary,” says the agency’s Vice President of Digital Marketing and Innovation, Brantley Smith. “It uses real-time data to shape the content of digital advertising, affecting how, when and where advertising dollars are spent based on real-time criteria. AdFluence’s™ advanced, patent-pending technology delivers ads at peak times when external conditions are most likely to influence consumer behavior.”

According to Smith, the potential use cases for AdFluence™ are limited only by marketers’ imaginations. “Think of someone waiting out in the cold for an Uber in Chicago in February,” he says. “What if they suddenly see an ad that tells them the current local temperature is 13 degrees, and there are available flights to Saint Lucia, where it’s 85 degrees, for $239 round-trip out of O’Hare International? Real-time data from weather and flight data feeds immediately populate content to the ad being served up on any digital device. That’s just one example of how this technology will allow businesses to better market to consumers.”

Peter Guenther, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Mediagistic, describes another scenario based on a partnership between a brand and a sports team. “Let’s say your brand is partnering with a sports team and offers promotions to consumers based on that team winning,” says Guenther. “The second that team seals a victory, it can trigger a campaign, an increase in ad spend—or conversely, decrease spend or halt it in the case of a loss—so advertising dollars aren’t spent without an immediate call to action for the consumer. It can even dynamically inject the score and other updates into the ad copy to create a highly contextual advertising experience.”

Much of the software’s power and effectiveness, Guenther continues, lies in how the ad injection component interacts with data triggers. “The ad copy writes itself in response to real-time conditions. I can only imagine what a copywriting genius like David Ogilvy would say if you were to tell him that you won’t know how the final ad copy reads until it’s published. He most likely would have suggested you find another profession!”

AdFluence™ currently is available for national brands, agencies, franchises and multi-location businesses. Learn more about AdFluence™ at www.AdFluence.com

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