NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Serial entrepreneur, Luke Stewart, is the perfect example of how working hard, and aiming even higher can change your life. He is the founder of Big L Trucking LLC, Financial Dream Team LLC, and an inspiring motivational speaker, and wealth coach. Luke has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the country by teaching them about financial literacy.

Stewart was raised by a single-mother in a Louisiana housing project. When he was eleven years old, he became responsible for his household after losing his oldest brother to gun violence. At 14, Luke began selling illegal drugs in order to help his mother financially.

“Some did this for fame, I did it because we needed the rent paid, or food on the table,” he says.

Unfortunately, this led Stewart to spend six years in a Louisiana State Penitentiary. After being released in April of 2011, Luke decided to transform his life. At first this was extremely difficult. Luke was unable to find work anywhere, and had to adjust to the lifestyle change.

“Every day, I wanted to go back to my old lifestyle”, but I was always reminded of the outcome,” he shares.

Now, Luke is a widely successful entrepreneur. He helps mentor others on how to change their life by creating a net worth. Luke knows what it is like to crave a lifestyle you don’t have, and works hard with his clients so that they too can reach their financial goals. His goal in all of this is to give his clients the tools and education they need to be able to ultimately create generational wealth.

Before Luke made his way into network marketing, he was in the trucking industry as a company driver. He quickly realized he didn’t want to continue living paycheck to paycheck, unable to see his family, unable to build true wealth. He took the risk, and jumped into network marketing. This completely transformed Luke’s life. He was able to break the generational poverty curse, moving up from welfare to wealth. “I have pissed poverty off,” he exclaims.

After being denied for a home loan, and commercial equipment, Luke knew he needed to make a change in his life. This is where his motivation came in. He decided to do something about his credit.

“I begin to study how my score would be calculated what errors to look for, and once I was able to get my credit profile, clean up I notice that I had to eliminate some debt, and change my spending habits. This information has changed my life tremendously. I had to share it with others,” he says.

Luke decided to launch Financial Dream Team LLC. After being a company driver for a year, Luke decided he would be able to make more money if he took out the middleman, so he opened up his own company. His goal was to have something he could pass down to his kids that wasn’t debt.

His biggest obstacles when starting his business was creating a belief system for himself. “Our belief system can stop us from reaching small milestones, to achieving the life we dream of. If you believe you can do something. no one can stop you,” he says. Consistency was also a huge obstacle Luke had to learn to overcome. When he launched Financial Dream Team LLC, his mother had unexpectedly passed away.

“I could have easily quit, but if I quit, I would have quit on myself, my family, and others that I mentored. I have learned that on the other side of pain is a great reward. I tell people all the time write down the reason you want to quit, then write down the reason you must keep going. If you review your list majority of the reason you want to quit will be solved by the reason you must keep going,” he shares.

Luke Stewart is now able to live his life on his own terms. Having built a foundation for himself, and his future generation, he is an example for everyone that no matter where you came from, anything is possible. He has been able to reach milestones he would have only dreamed of. His biggest advice to people is to dream bigger, and that is exactly what he’s done.

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