BCM Launches Leadership Training Program on Arist’s Platform

BOSTON, MA, April 17, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — E-Learning is a problematic field. Despite being a $165Billion market, engagement rates are low and long-term outcomes remain difficult to determine. Arist and Blue Cord Management are taking new steps to create a more engaging, accessible, and impactful e-learning program for core leadership skills.

Developed from Blue Cord Management’s Lead from the Front training program, the Arist Leadership course is designed to help leaders at all levels:
– Develop their relative vision for their teams and functions
– Grow their team-building and communications skillset
– Expand their and their team’s role in an organization

The course delivers these concepts though Arist’s innovative text-message platform by providing a daily insightful and inspirational message. Each message includes follow-on actions as well as leadership concepts that can be reflected and built on throughout the day. The course is impactful in its continuity and helps to cultivate better habits by being spread out over 30 days, ensuring that participants remain engaged in building this crucial skill set.

BCM and Arist’s work together began at a BASE (Babson Alumni Supporting Entrepreneurs) Coaching Session at Babson College’s Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship. The leadership course is available at https://lrn.st/lead.

About Blue Cord Management: Blue Cord Management specializes in developing core leadership teams in businesses. Based in Boston, and founded by Retired, U.S. Army Staff-Sergeant Ed Brzychcy, Blue Cord Management delivers robust training, coaching, and consultation programs to client businesses to create more empowered, creative, and effective organizational leaders at all levels of business.

About Arist: Arist is recognized in Fast Company’s 2019 List of World Changing Ideas.
Arist started with a simple realization: access to digital education is extremely unequal. Concerned by the lack of educational resources, Arist’s founder Michael Ioffe began exploring ways to teach entrepreneurship to teens in war-torn Yemen. He found that only 30% of students in Yemen had consistent access to the internet, but nearly every student had access to text messages. This led the Arist team to build a text message learning platform, allowing companies to text their employees and educators to build courses open to the public. Try one at arist.co/courses.

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