KitRUM, an international provider of custom software development services, has announced that it has opened a new office in Mexico City, the world’s leading technology hub.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, April 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — KitRUM, which already has offices in the major tech hubs of Clearwater (Florida, US), Kharkov (Ukraine) and Haifa (Israel), intends to expand their development teams with top talent from Mexico City, the most populous city in North America.

Mexico City has one of the most rapidly developing IT infrastructures in Latin America. Getting access to 250,000 software talents can significantly strengthen current 200 developers KitRUM’s dev team and offer engineers in a friendly timezone of US clients.

KitRUM provides three types of services:
– building software solutions from scratch;
– expanding client’s development teams with KitRUM’s resources;
– software outsourcing on a project-based.

In Mexico City, KitRUM already has a growing team of UI developers and data scientists and plans to bring onboard local engineering leaders in Flutter, Dart and React Native tech domains.

Says Vlad Kitaynik, CTO & Co-Founder:
“That was a very a carefully considered move to start expanding to the Latin America and Mexico looks like a perfect choice with it’s amazing talent pool. We believe it’s all about the people. The right people. Since 2014, we’ve been helping CxOs of technology companies worldwide to gain access to the most talented software engineers in the world, building software solutions for large enterprises, new ventures, and NGOs in the most risk-proof and cost-effective ways possible. With our growing team in Mexico City I’m sure we will be able to serve even better our numerous clients all across the globe.”

Mexico City is a tech growth hub

The KitRUM analytics team has conducted research which shows that Mexico is a very promising outsourcing destination. Frost & Sullivan’s research confirms:

1) The rise in Mexico’s venture capital (VC) activity—Nearly 1.900 VC deals were finalized between 2010 and 2018, involving a total investment of $22 billion.
2) Mexico’s large youth population—By 2025, more than 45 percent of the population will comprise millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, the government is focused on raising the standards of education and encouraging youth training programs and entrepreneurship.
3) The working-age population, which is expected to touch 68 percent in 2033—It will enhance LATAM’s economic prosperity, driving infrastructure development and advancing innovation and technological adoption.
4) Continued infrastructure development—Infrastructure investment increased to 8 percent of GDP from 2014 to 2018 to develop rail, road, and aviation infrastructure. Ongoing support for these efforts will boost multiple GDP contributors, from agriculture and tourism to advanced manufacturing.
5) Growth of the Mexican middle class—By 2030, the Mexican middle class will rank in the top 10 contributors to global middle-class consumption. This surge in economic activity is already driving innovation in retail.

KitRUM plans to hire the Mexican talent to its international teams, in order to provide software development outsourcing services in B2B, healthcare and financial spheres.

KitRUM is a software development company specializing in custom software development using modern web and mobile technologies. We have a decade of proven experience working with tech companies around the world. Our offices are located in the United States, Ukraine, Mexico, and Israel.

We tend to work with the greatest talents, and it has created an extra layer of experts, including friends and colleagues, with whom we’ve worked on a long-term basis.

Our philosophy is to act as a partner for clients and to build international collaboration with skilled specialists within different fields. Although we have different mother tongues, we understand each other. We share a passion for great software development and create the best platform for work.

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