The world has changed after the introduction of social media in various different ways. The smartest are the ones who cashed in on it. Meet Luthra and Rakesh Prasad founded a page called “Sadcasm” which has content ranging from humorous to latest gossips. This is one of the fastest growing pages on facebook which has now reached around 18 million followers.

How Sadcasm Got Viral?

Meet and Rakesh, the co-founders, always loved to experiment and reinvent, which they believe are the secrets towards success. Many marketing and promotion firms favour this page and it completely deserves all the attention.

The huge fan following and the great engagement of people in the page is a result of constant effort to sometimes bring a smile on people’s faces and sometimes to educate them with the latest trends.

Target Audience

“Sadcasm” has only one motto which is “sad but sarcastic” and hence, the name. The page has sarcastic posts, which mainly the youth can relate to. If you visit the page, you’d find posts which are definite to make you smile and you’d love to share them with your friends. This is what helped them grow this page even more.

There was a lot of research work done before they launched this page. The research basically concluded that there were either sad pages on Facebook or sarcastically funny pages. This is when their brains lit up and this idea of mixing sarcasm with sadness came.


In a way that the followers of Sadcasm are increasing continuously, Meet Luthra wished to increase the reach of this page to 25 million by 2020. This page already has a responsibility to serve as a good source of entertainment to numerous fans from around 40 countries.

Rakesh Prasad said that the main motive of the page ever since the beginning was to connect with as many people as they can and spread smiles to everyone’s faces.

Hence, Sadcasm is the ultimate laughing destination for you, courtesy to the sarcastic and relatable posts.