NEW YORK, NY, October 18, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — When Joseph Costello graduated highschool, he did so with a 1.6 gpa. When everyone he knew decided to go to college, he moved to downtown Austin and began making money full time from the internet. As an entrepreneur, he went from almost failing highschool, to making six figures a month.

Entrepreneur Joseph Costello does content creation and management of influencers. As a creative, he has built up his social media and managed to monetize his platforms.

“Content creation has always been in my blood, and ive always been a hustler. Before I found my niche in the game, I used to kill rats for money. And hustle for money,” he says.

His biggest challenge when starting his business was retaining self belief and drive.

“Many people let surface level issues stop them such as bills and public perception. Once you detach yourself from this, you will go so far because you’re focused on the bigger picture,” he shares.

His love for creating, and making the impossible possible is what inspired him to get into this industry, and what keeps him going. This mindset is crucial for his success in the industry.

“Mindset is very important. I have a bad day sometimes, but as of lately, my bad days have turned to “bad hours”. I can rarely stay mad. It’s all about perspective. If you let the daily tribulations fuck your head up, then you’ll fall backwards,” he emphasizes.

His advice to those looking to start their own business is to do something you’re passionate about.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but think of it this way. The first two years are going to be hard, and that’s an understatement. The only thing that’s going to keep you going through that is your passion. That’s the only thing. Don’t get into business to make money,” he advises.

For Joseph, fear is what keeps the most talented individuals ordinary.

“I know so many talented people who let fear stop them. Almost all the musicians I played with in highschool always acted out of fear, and it hindered their career. When you act of fear, you close almost every door on yourself,” he says.

During his journey to success, Joseph has had to face countless obstacles, but the one that stands out the most was having to adjust to the ever so evolving platforms. “You can wake up one day and your business model has been completely crushed. You must stay on your feet, and have an open mind,” he shares.

After doing this for over five years, there is no competition for Joseph. “I’m my only competition. I really mean that, many people come and go. This is forever for me. I’m not in that race,” he states.

For Joseph, the definition of success is being financially independent and helping others achieve their goals as a collective. Free to invest, free to help, free to roam. This is why he is currently focused on investing into talent.

“I manage and develop talent online. I have helped many different people with their careers. Names such as Jack Manley, Steezy Kane, Steven Franz,” he shares.

Entrepreneur Joseph Costello has managed to go from almost failing highschool, to making over six figures a month through his social media content creating and management of influencers. By taking risks, and ignoring the fears, he has monetized his social media platforms and managed to change his life, and is now changing the lives of others. He is the definition of a true entrepreneur.

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