NEW YORK, NY, September 05, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Businessman, James Binion, managed to escape corporate America and succeed on his own. James runs a credit restoration and financial literacy business. There, he has been able to assist hundreds of people restore their financial situation and show dozens of people how to earn a lucrative amount of income in the business.

Born on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, James, along with his twin brother and younger sister, were raised by a single mother. Growing up, they didn’t have much but their mother always made it work. He grew up in a community that was infested with drugs and gangs. It seemed like there was no other alternative but to join a gang or sale drugs. This is why his mother decided to keep him and his siblings in church Monday through Sunday. There, he learned how to play the Hammond organ, this kept him occupied through his teen years. After high school, James worked multiple jobs and completed a couple semesters at City Colleges of Chicago. There he came to the realization that school wasn’t for him. He landed a job with the City of Chicago Department of streets and sanitation in 2012. The job was going smooth for a few years until he ran into some financial hardships in January 2017, and all of his finances were depleted. At that point in his life, he had to make a decision on whether to give corporate America another 8 hours of his time, or start his own business where he could leverage his time.

On April 2017, James chose to start his own financial literacy franchise where he currently holds the title of Sales Director with the company. He was tired of trading his time for money and still being broke, but he also realized he would never be able to reach his full potential of being wealthy by working for someone else. Time, freedom, helping people, and the lucrative amount of income he could earn made him take the decision that changed his life for the better.

According to James, the biggest challenge when it comes to starting a business is understanding your skills, what it is you do, and how to mentally prepare to be your own boss.

But he advises those looking to start a business to go for it. He says that two to five years in your business can save you twenty-five to thirty years of working for someone else.

By taking the leap, you are one step closer to financial freedom, which James describes as “the true meaning of success”.

For James, having the right mindset was everything.

“Mindset is crucial when it comes to starting a business. Your brain is like a CPU. You have to reprogram or upload the right information when you’re trying to do something that’s foreign or new,” he says.

The biggest obstacle he’s had to overcome so far in his journey has been learning how to accept rejection and using it as fuel to keep going. James has no fears when it comes to his business because he believes fear is a learned behavior that can be unlearned.

“I don’t see others as competition. I’m only in competition with myself,” he adds.

His next projects will be centered around investing in properties. James plans on going into minority areas and trying to bring up the property value. His goal for the future is to be able to help as many people as he can. That has always been his goal from the start.

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