imageMeet Christian Keen from Indianapolis Indiana. Christian is a former Fireman and Police Officer who was hurt in the line of duty when struck by a drunk driver when responding to a 911 call. The illegal alien who nearly killed Keen was 3 times the legal limit, had no drivers license nor insurance. It took Christian nearly a year to learn to walk again. Despite the Doctors best efforts, Christian was medically retired due to his back injury and PTSD he suffered from his wreck.

Christian began picking up a camera around this time and found comfort from his pain through expressing himself through his imagery. Ten years later and Christian has become quite successful at photographic imagery. He focuses on helping others despite his handicap and daily pain.

Most recently Christian was attacked in October 2015 by an undocumented individual to whom he was simply trying to help. The injuries sustained from this Mma trained assailant appear to require surgery. Despite this, Christian maintains a positive Christian attitude and continues, to the best of his abilities, helping other by making them smile through his work.

Christian lives in Indianapolis Indiana with his wife and two children.

Check out his Facebook Page for some of his most beautiful clicks.