, the online marketplace for hunts, creates perhaps the most convenient way to offer or find access to hunting land, hunting leases, or landowner’s tags.

CHALLIS, ID, August 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Many landowners have an abundance of wildlife on their property but are not comfortable granting permission to hunt the land or simply block access to it. In this case a hunting lease is a viable option and offers both security and an additional source of income for the landowner. If you have been considering offering your property as a hunting lease, but unsure how to get clients or just don’t want to be bothered with it, the landowner program may be just for you. is a global online marketplace for hunts, described as an “industry disruptor” and the “AirBnB for hunters”. Started in 2015, BookYourHunt currently offers over 4,000 hunts, available directly from nearly 600 outfitters in almost 1,000 locations. The innovative model has helped hundreds of hunters to find the adventure of their dreams. But, with the vast majority of clients being in North America, could not stay aside from perhaps the greatest problem facing the American outdoorsman, access to huntable land.

Finding a good place to hunt has become an increasingly challenging problem for many American hunters. The old way of asking permission is on the way out, as pressure from insurance companies and concerns about improper behavior and property damage has made many landowners close the access to their property. “When I was growing up in Iowa, I could hunt seriously about 1/4 of the state. I even had one farmer who would let me hunt and not let his own son hunt as he didn’t approve of his son’s hunting methods! Now most of the access is gone. Unfortunately this is simply the state of the game today” – says James Reed,’s Director for North America.

Many landowners realize however, that completely blocking the access to their land to all hunters in principle may not be the best option. Leasing out hunting rights for a fee is a good source of extra income, that will help cover maintenance costs, pay property taxes, etc. As a bonus, hunting helps control the numbers of game animals without the need to pay for professional culling services, and in some cases lessen the risk of spreading disease to cattle and damage to crops and forestry. With the lessees well known to the lessor and bound by contract, concerns about hunters’ behavior is eliminated; what’s more, hunters could add an additional level of security, informing the landowner about anything that might be amiss on the property.

Unfortunately, many hunting leases remain unsigned only because hunters and landowners can’t find each other in this turbulent and technology-dependent world. offers an easy solution for landowners who would like to offer access to their land as a hunting lease, or have landowner tags to sell, but do not want to engage in a complicated and resource-consuming process of marketing their offer online. BookYourHunt’s online marketplace concept that has proven its efficiency at selling outfitted hunts is just what the doctor ordered in such cases.

When a landowner signs with, they will have a page set up on the online marketplace.’s staff will fill it with every detail about the property (land layout, fauna, pricing policy, etc.) that prospective clients need to know. Then the page will be available for BookYourHunt’s over 3000 visitors per day to find, backed by’s expert online promotion. The best thing is that all this setup is free for the landowner until they get a paying client from the marketplace. There are no hidden fees or costs (for details of the agreement, contact

Privacy protection is a great advantage of the lease program. No contact details will be posted on the hunting lease page on, and the initial contact between the landowner and the hunter who wants to lease the land occurs in the secure environment of the communication setup known as the “chat system.” The landowner will be able to get to know the hunters and ask for any information they feel relevant, to make sure they’re someone they can trust, before they release any private information.

The landowner remains in full control of their property, including the option to say no at any moment before the lease is finalized. All the decisions on how long a hunt is, how many hunters, who the hunters are, where they hunt, what is included on their hunts, what are the rules of access, etc. are made by the landowner. It goes without saying that the biggest choice – the price of the lease – is made solely by the landowner. As with’s outfitted hunt program, the provider gets the money directly from the hunter. No third parties are involved in the transaction, including

Hunters, will find a convenient place to find hunting leases. With a convenient search system that allows a client to look for a hunt (or lease) on the map or as a list view with all necessary filters to customize your hunt. Personalized subscription service can automatically send updates on new offers. With customer reviews and easy communication with the outfitter or property owner, this may well be the best and safest way to find a hunting lease ever. will apply the same principles to hunting leases as with outfitted hunting trips. All lease providers will be vetted with due diligence, and the leases will come with the same best price guarantee as the hunts.

Over six hundred outfitters worldwide have already joined, because it’s risk-free, and it works. The online marketplace feels that the landowner lease program will be equally popular with landowners and hunters. If you need clients for your potential hunting lease or landowner’s tags, you won’t find a place more convenient than It is a win-win for both hunters and landowners

Founded in 2015, BookYourHunt is a trusted online marketplace where hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and professional outfitters can list, easily discover, book, and enjoy unique hunting opportunities around the world.

Whether a hunter is looking for a local hunting trip near home, a long-dreamed-of African safari, or a last-minute cancellation hunt at a discount, BookYourHunt connects its users to unique hunting opportunities, whatever their budgets, in more than 50 countries across 5 continents.

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