Mobile, Telescoping, Easily Deployed Structures a Game Changer For Multiple Industries Worldwide

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — HALO Structures, the company responsible for developing the world’s first mobile, telescoping structures, today announced its official launch. Established in 2018, the company has created an entire line of innovative systems designed and uniquely qualified to provide instantly deployed storage or shelter in any setting or circumstance worldwide. With multi-industry applications, HALO Structures looks forward to providing unforeseen solutions for individual consumers and industries across the board.

Originally conceptualized and designed simply for vehicle storage and protection, HALO Structures has since expanded its product line to include multiple standard size and functionality options. Its three standard sizes are designed to accommodate anything from a typical auto to a boat or other recreational vehicle to a full-size motorhome.

With options like solar power/charging, custom wrap, security monitoring systems, climate control, extreme weather/durability/military upgrades, HALOS can be modified and customized to meet storage or shelter needs in any setting. The combined polycarbonate wall system and structural aluminum framing make the Structures both extremely durable but lightweight. The linear rail system ensures mobility on almost any flat surface, with no need for construction of a permanent foundation.

“We’re thrilled with the launch of our patented HALO Structures early next month,” says Founder, Joshua May. “Working with one of the world’s top manufacturers, we’ve confirmed that we can ship 10 or more, 30-foot long telescoping structures that can withstand 130 mph wind loads in one standard shipping container anywhere on the planet starting in April.” May brings over 15 years of experience to the company, including serving as Mechanical/Electrical Manager for world renown Sundt Construction, overseeing multiple $30-$400 million projects. In addition, the team has consulted and partnered with some of the most renowned engineers and professors worldwide at great cost to provide constant improvements to the project.

This level of expertise is opening multiple markets for HALO Structures. Right out of the gate, the company has 200 structures scheduled for delivery to a Developer for use as cutting-edge housing in the AirBnB resort market of Guadalupe Valley, Mexico, one of the largest AirBnB developments worldwide.

“We’re in negotiations with multiple industries now – Humanitarian, Auto, Agriculture, Real Estate, Military. Get ready for some big updates based on initial reports,” May adds. “By late July we will be able to ship our full size models and by September, other models and anything automated.” The team looks forward to growing rapidly and supplying dependable storage and shelter solutions worldwide.

About HALO Structures:
HALO Structures is a visionary group driven by passion for security and peace of mind. With multi-market applications, their innovative, patented systems are uniquely qualified to provide instantaneous storage or shelter in any setting or circumstance around the globe.

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