NEW YORK, NY, September 17, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The world of entrepreneurship is filled with success stories. Many of these success stories are of young people who have been able to succeed through a proactive and creative mindset. This has proven that without the right vision and mindset, any startup or enterprise can easily fail. But not everyone is born with the right mindset, and changing the way we think is not an easy task.

German Castelo is a young Mexican entrepreneur and influencer, who has become an international leader for other entrepreneurs precisely because he teaches people how to think. Indeed, he travels the world teaching young people how to change their mindset and vision in order to engage in entrepreneurship in the right way and be able to achieve the life they wish for.

Castelo began his entrepreneurship career through the social media marketing industry when he was only 18. After two years of hard work, he started to see results. However, these results were not good enough for Castelo, who decided he needed a change, “I was doing okay, but I realized that in order to evolve financially I had to change my mindset.” Castelo says.

That is when he found his first mentor, who guided him, taught him and shared with him valuable information that allowed him to improve. Two years after, he was already traveling the world leading a movement of over ten thousand people.

“Everything I have accomplished is because of my dedication, persistence and determination to go on.” Castelo remarks.

Castelo still remembers when the prestigious Business From Home Magazine put him in the Top 100 of social media earners, which measures people who generate impact in the social media industry.

After this, Castelo decided to write a book called “Mindset of a Champion” (Mentalidad de Campeón), where he shares the basic principles people need to take into account in order to change their mentality and mindset to succeed.

“I have also had the pleasure of being a part of other projects that I find interesting.” Castelo recalls.

Castelo works with Virality Power, which is a tech company that works on positioning content in social media for commercial and personal brands. He also takes part in Bloatzy, a company that works on delivering specialized service to their users to optimize the operations, finances, human resources, and assets of their company through a unique software. Furthermore, Castelo is involved in Home Health, a company that works on health accessibility and allows people to have a doctor visit them in their house in minutes. Finally, Castelo is a part of the project Borders, a library franchise that provides quality literature for its customers.

“With the fast changes in social media, I have taken my time to produce quality content to connect with all the people who follow me from all over the world. I interact with all my users very closely, through all my partners.” Castelo says, referring mostly to his Instagram and Facebook.

Castelo is also a public speaker, having spoken at multiple conferences for various companies in 15 different countries. He specializes in building teamwork capacity and helping workers change their mindset, in order for a company to evolve.

Besides all of this, Castelo provides his followers with quality content very frequently. He talks to his audience every two days through his podcast “When the camera is off” (Cuando la cámara se apaga), where he talks about people’s capacity to change and improve. Other content can also be found in his YouTube channel, “Evo Media.”

If you want to change your mindset to change your life or your enterprise, you can follow German Castelo and get inspired by his journey. Through his social media, you will also find the different courses he teaches on sales, personal branding and mindset. It has been proven that mindset is crucial for success, so what are you waiting for to learn how to have the mindset of a champion?

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