NEW YORK, NY, October 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — High performance is key when aiming for productivity in any business. In the case of the real estate industry, it is crucial for realtors to be able to perform well — especially given that approximately 90% of realtors quit after their first year in the industry.

Franco Maione and Mike Szczesniak cracked the code. They are launching High Performance Agent to serve the real estate market by coaching and serving realtors and entrepreneurs across the world.

Both are successful serial entrepreneurs. Mike first involved got in the industry when he created his own duct tape wallet business in the 5th grade. In the case of Franco the introduction to the industry came later when he was 22 years old and decided to open his own café.

While Franco eventually joined the real estate business, achieving several awards with RE/MAX, and creating his own business coaching company, Mike became a Certified High Performance Coach and traveled to multiple places to speak in public. With High Performance Agent, they are combining their expertise to serve the real estate world.

“I am now on a mission to serve real estate agents across the world and help them succeed beyond their wildest dreams!” Franco shares.

One of the main motivations for this venture was the fact that most realtors give up on the industry after a year. In reality, this is due to the industry being very demanding, and so having a high performance capacity can help realtors all over.

“There are some great real estate training companies out there. But none has the combination of experience and expertise that Franco and I bring to the table. With his knowledge and expertise being a top realtor in North America, and myself being a Certified High Performance Coach, we cover all the bases of not only how to successfully build a real estate business, but also how to throw it into hyperdrive and take things to the next level.” Mike says.

For both Franco and Mike, success means being able to help and serve others, as well as having the opportunity to choose what you want to do all the time. In order to achieve this, multiple challenges and obstacles have to be overcome, such as society’s judgment of whatever your venture is, and being able to break through and endure the turbulent road of entrepreneurship.

To achieve this, Franco and Mike have multiple advises. On the one hand, mindset is crucial. Franco says, ” It is the absolute most important aspect to have a positive, focused and certain mindset so you can develop the mental fortitude to succeed.” Similarly, Mike believes that without a strong mindset, it is virtually impossible to survive pushback.

For those starting their own business, Franco advises to follow the 4 S’s: state, story, strategy and service.

“State – Understand what it is that you want with complete and absolute certainty. Story – Understand WHY you want it. What are your compelling reasons? Strategy – The HOW’s. When you understand what you want and why you want it, the how’s show up as you will always be aware of them. Service – How can you serve and help others through your successes in business? Make your money matter, have a purpose to your business.” Franco states.

On a similar note, Mike advises to find something unique in an industry that you can contribute to one way or another, specialize in it and improve it.

“Find a problem that a lot of people are struggling with and that you feel that you can solve, and then go solve that problem. One person at a time. Build the business around that.” Mike emphasizes

In the hands of Franco and Mike, High Performance Agent is expected to become North America’s largest coaching company. It focuses on providing results to its clients, in the form of successful coaching that fosters clients’ success in the real estate industry.

No one is more qualified to coach realtors than Franco and Mike, who themselves have lived through the experiences through which they earned the necessary expertise to make it in the real estate world.

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