The digital health startup will now share revenue with patients and caregivers who manage complex chronic conditions using their platform

BOSTON, MA, September 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — ​Folia Health, a woman-owned company that enables patients and families to use their knowledge to receive the best care possible, has announced the launch of Data Dividends, the first program to directly recognize the value of patient and caregiver contributions to healthcare informatics. Folia enables members to capture and share details of the symptoms, treatments, well-being changes, and behaviors that they experience. The app, clinic reports, and support services are free to members, who have the option to contribute their data to research initiatives that improve medical treatment and standard of care; these research projects form the basis of the Folia Health business model.

“In order to recognize the dream of precision medicine, in which every person gets exactly the right diagnosis and care plan, we need a better source of information on how people respond to treatment outside of the four walls of the clinic,” said Nell Meosky Luo, Founder and CEO of Folia Health. “To do this, we need to augment the voices of the patient and caregiver. For so long, the healthcare system has held patient data hostage behind complicated processes, antiquated copy fees, and paternalistic attitudes. Data Dividends is our statement that this era is over – we’re championing transparency and true partnership with the patients and caregivers that form the backbone of our healthcare system.”

Folia Health recently expanded beyond their initial pilot condition of Cystic Fibrosis to Primary Immunodeficiency, but any U.S.-based patient or caregiver who tracks their observations regularly is eligible for Data Dividends. Folia can be used to track any condition or undiagnosed disorder.

About Folia Health: ​ At Folia Health, we believe patients and their families have the power to transform care. Through Folia, you can track symptoms, behaviors, treatments, and more, and use these observations to achieve the best care possible for yourself or your loved ones. Folia is enabling precision in healthcare, with a little help from the people who care most.

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