Unlike other solutions, AuthorONE delivers explainable, actionable results.

NEW YORK, NY, September 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Enago, the leading global provider of scholarly communications and technology solutions to authors and publishers, launches AuthorONE – an AI-powered solution for publishers that not only offers manuscript assessment (AuthorONE Assess) but also automated copy-editing (AuthorONE Edit) technology on one platform. Thanks to its unique architecture, publishers can choose to allow authors access to AuthorONE on their websites, submission portals, autEnagohor resources portals, or author instructions pages. It can be integrated into editorial systems via APIs or used as a web app with a custom dashboard. A manuscript assessment is currently available at no cost to publishers and authors.

AuthorONE Assess allows journal editorial desks to harness the power of AI for instant decision-making with comprehensive reports, and AuthorONE Edit offers dual benefits of reducing time to publishing and cost savings by automatically copy-editing accepted manuscripts and applying editorial preferences.

Sharad Mittal, CEO, explains “AuthorONE is built on a hybrid framework that combines the power of cutting-edge AI with the precision of expert systems. Unlike other solutions, AuthorONE delivers explainable, actionable results. Custom-trained on academic manuscripts, its AI engine accurately identifies all errors and provides context-sensitive corrections and suggestions. The intuitive algorithms provide the much-needed explainability. Journal editors can use AuthorONE to not only make decisions instantly but also explain the decision to the authors without additional effort. AuthorONE Edit uses state-of-the-art language models that detect 3000+ writing errors and deliver accurate edits while delivering high responsiveness at scale. It can even help reduce the manuscript word count.”

AuthorONE runs on a predictively scaled cloud infrastructure that ensures service reliability and high uptime no matter how high the incoming volumes are.

Mittal further added that “Editorial processes have remained largely manual for long, making it difficult for publishers to scale up quickly in response. While a few technology products exist, they only offer piecemeal solutions and are largely unadoptable owing to the lack of explainable recommendations. AuthorONE addresses this gap and will see several rapid enhancements that will make it a full-spectrum publishing technology solution. We believe AuthorONE will allow publishers to really benefit from tailor-made AI technology and help them join the AI revolution in publishing.”

Enago is a world-leading provider of scholarly communications services and technology products to the global academic research and publishing community. Enago has served 200000+ authors across 125 countries with innovative products and services. Associate brands include Ulatus (translation services) and Voxtab (transcription).

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