The Barber Shop Marketing provides industry insights for successful creative strategy translation in the digital landscape

DALLAS, TX, May 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — With our consumption of cross-channel visual content sweeping across screens at every scroll, the use of digital advertising has quickly become one of the top-dogs for engaging audiences and getting your message heard.

“The smartest campaigns adapt and evolve with the multi-personality of our digital playground,” says Amy Hall, president of The Barber Shop Marketing (TBS). “There is not and should never be a one size fits all approach to creative messaging.”

Audiences and expected functions are at each platform’s core. For instance, messaging and visuals that succeed on Instagram can lack the professionalism expected on LinkedIn. A nimble strategy understands this crucial diversity that can make or break a campaign.

With decades of experience in planning and strategy, Hall has mastered the nuances of creating effective campaigns. Last year, Hall and her team were approached by local dealer Southwest Kia and took on the challenge to revamp the brand’s visuals. In production, the creative messaging was coordinated to effectively engage each landscape: broadcast, social media, the dealer’s website, and programmatic.

“What we did was keep the longevity of Southwest Kia’s branding intact while simultaneously translating it for different mediums,” Hall said of their strategy. “The methodology we used for delivering programmatically is especially notable because so many brands just apply their traditional media there and wonder why numbers drop. We took the time to optimize the refresh accordingly and we’re thrilled with the results.”

After the initial success, Southwest Kia’s owner Bill Dickason continued the campaign with additional animation to support all five dealerships in Dallas and Austin, Texas. “The advertising components in this ongoing campaign can be modified very quickly and tracked in real-time. This allows us to have confidence in the efficacy of our marketing dollars.”

When using video for creative, be sure to take note of these tips:

Product in Use
Video receives high brand engagement whether or not a product is the main focus. Consider this a highlight to the power of using video.

Know When to Show the Product
The best performing videos show the product 10-12 seconds into the ad. This signals that creative should focus connecting with the user rather than forcing a product from the get-go.

Know When and Where to Place the Logo
Creative with the logo displayed near the end of the video, and after showing the product, receive the highest completion rates. Bottom left, top left, and top right corners is optimal for logo placement.

Know When to Show Product Features
Whether you choose to list out the features or show them, video that includes features near the end receives the highest completion rates.

Animation Use
Animation pulls a 7% higher conversion rate over static. Cycles of animation between six and nine seconds, against a 40% majority that cycle through 10 to 12, average the highest conversion rate lift of 38%.

Keeping these best practices and tips in mind will help with effective translation to programmatic and digital creative messaging. This is not an exhaustive list and tactics vary; they’re not a guarantee for increased performance but a look at what creative has performed well historically and how it may be adapted to reach your goals. For more in-depth information and examples on this topic, visit The Barber Shop’s Digital and Programmatic: Tips to Build a Successful Creative Strategy.

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